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Stupid eye pain is back for round 3 or 4

Had it all of May.  Went to the neuro-opth and he said it was viral conjunctivitis.  Did some drops for a few days, went back and was pronounced cured.  Pain started up again, but eventually faded away.

It came back in July for a while, and now I've had it again since the first of Oct.  Called the neuro-opth to talk to his nurse and see if there was any point in taking off work to see him.  She said I should start with the optometrist, becuse if it's an infection, he'll fix it, and I won't have to go as far out of my way to see him.

Tonight I saw the optometrist.  He says he sees absolutely nothing to explain the pain.  Since I don't have blurred vision and my optic nerve looks OK, he doesn't think it's ON.  On the other hand, he did offer to send me back to the neuro-opth, but since it's not bad, I'll just wait until my neurologist appointment and tell him I've had this weird eye pain 3 times since I last saw him.  Since the steroid drops made it feel better before, there is some sort of inflammation involved, so the optometrist told me to take ibuprofin fairly regularly for a while.

The optometrist was more interested in looking at my neuro history than the neuro-opth.  I think if my neurologist decides I should see a neuro-opthalmalogist again, I'll ask for a referral to the other one in our city.  I live a couple of blocks from an office where she practices, and the other guy is almost an hour from home--and seems to forget he's not just a straight opthalmalogist.

So, next month I'll be reporting the recurring single eye pain, slight worsening of urge incontinence, and a new back pain thing I had for a couple of weeks.  It felt like my skin was being stretched too tightly over the width of my lower back, no strain or other muscle thing to explain it.  And I'm falling asleep at my desk again, after 2 years on CPAP.


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No blurring.  Just this weird eye socket pain.  I have an annual follow-up appointment next month with the MS neurologist's nurse practitioner and with the psychologist who administers the MSFC test, so I'll be reporting these things to them.

I got myself a new CPAP with data capabilities, so I'm using it to see if I'm having apneas/hypopneas at my prescribed setting.  I've only used it two nights, so there's not much there to interpret yet.

I have gone to the neuro with my minor new things before, and I vowed to myself after my last checkup a year ago I wouldn't call about anything unless it's pretty dramatic, slam-dunk sorts of changes.  Which, of course, none of these are.  At least it's only a few weeks away now.  

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Om my, hbana.  You've got something going on don't you. This got you re-thinking the TM?  This doesn't sound like sinus either w/the blurry vision and the fatigue.

How often you been seeing the neuro on follow ups? Sorry for all the Qs - just been awhile. Nice to see ya.

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