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Suggestions for walker/rollator

I was given a prescription for a walker/rollator yesterday by my neuro to use when the vertigo returns. Sadly, he thinks it will return agian ;-(.  Anyway, I know next to nothing about these and was wondering if there is a feature in particular I should shop for or something I definitely don't want.  He did specify hand brakes  and a seat so I guess I need rollator suggestions.  Anybody?

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There were 2 things I found important: a really good set of wheels that are easy to clean and mine has a thing that you can lift the seat and there is a storage compartment. It really came in handy when I went shopping and even around the house.
Oh, make sure the seat cushion is pretty good. Some of them are hard and I had to put a pillow on it for a few weeks.

I am Christy by the way. I have had MS since 1998. I try to come on here some but I rairly ever post.

I had osteonecrosis and have to have a hip replacement a year ago. Had my shoulder replaced too.

I hope you can manage the vertigo. That must be tough and I hate that you are going through it. A friend of mine has vertigo (but not MS). She has a problem with heights really bad.

I hope that you feel better and happy Halloween!

Christy D
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Hi Christy!

Nice to meet you and thank you for answering my post! I didn't consider easy to clean wheels...very good idea. I did see the seats available, some  cushioned and some not.

It sounds like you 've had some pretty painful conditions, including painful joint replacements. How are you doing now? Better, I hope!

Again, thank you for your help,


PS Happy Halloween and lots of chocolate to you!!!

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I have a rollator and really like it.  Having the seat is especially helpful.  I use it in my kitchen to sit by the stove while cooking or even washing dishes.  I can sit on the rollator and move around my kitchen even.

The only negative I have found is it tends to roll kind of quickly so I am holding on and wearing my arms and shoulders out.  I am not sure if there is a way to control how fast it rolls or not.

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Does your rollator have hand brakes as well? One model I looked at day had brakes that you could push partial pressure to slow you down and/or lock it in place. Of course, it probably willnot be covered my by insurance. The dealer I saw today isn't allowed to handle my insurnace claims as the insurance company feels there are enough providers in the area. Funny, his store was the ONLY one with a retail store where you could actually see and try the products. The other "approved" providers are in a warehouse section of town and are only in boxes.  You need to know what you want when you walk in.

Thanks for the advice! I hope you are doing okay given your recent diagnosis. You remain in my thoughts.

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Thank you Ren,
It does have brakes.  I guess I just get going  too fast.  I tend to lean into my walk and that does not help.  
I hope insurance does cover yours.  

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Any one have any ideas or opinions on 6 inch versus 8 inch wheels and the option of having the basket  under the seat or affixed to the front of the walker. Need to go shopping this eek.

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Larger wheels are better than smaller - especially if used outdoors, on grass, or pavement.  Try to always stand up straight when wheeling it - don't get into the habit of leaning forward, stand as straight as you can.  Also, be sure to have the handlebars at a good height, definitely not too low (contributes to that leaning forward movement).  

I have one a friend loaned me when we went to a craft fair out on farmland (rolling ground, pot holes, no place to sit down) - and have since just given it to me since her mother no longer could use it.  I keep it in the back of the car for shopping, long walks, or anytime I'm going to be on my feet for awhile (have pain in back of waist) - using a cane for any length of time means I start to really lean on it which isn't good, so it's nice to have the wheels and seat.  

It's great to be able to sit down when and where you want.  I have no compunction whatsoever about being seen with it - even though it's red (darnit), would have preferred black.  

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Thanks for the input. I was internet shopping and saw the difference in wheel size and figured larger wheels would be better out doors just like when my my "babies" (now 17-22) were little and in strollers.

I plan on purchasing a black rollator if given any choice in the matter.
I appreciate your advice and words of encouragement in relying on an assistive aid. Using a walker beats hitting the floor.

Thanks again,
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