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Surgery Impact on MS or sjogren

Hi Friends
I want to ask if anyone has the knowledge or experience of the impact
of surgery and anesthesia on patient with MS or sjogren's disease??
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Is it true that it is common to be followed by a new attack
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As with any surgery, it's important that the medical team is aware of a patient's history and current medication, but no, it is NOT correct that surgeries are commonly followed by new MS episodes. There would be no real standard mechanism by which this could hold true. Is it supposedly the stress of the medical procedure? Is is supposedly exposure to infections in the hospital?

The proposition doesn't make sense as anything other than simple correlation rather than causation. As you have previously stated that your medical team does not think you have MS, this question is likely jumping the gun.

I myself may be told to take extra precautions surrounding surgery, but that it because the DMD I am on is an immunosuppressant rather than an immunomodulator. This puts me in a risk group for post-surgery complications. But this is entirely due to my treatment rather than the MS itself.
I spoke with a renowned Rheumatogist who lectures around the world for one of the "Biologics" immunomodulator drug manufacturers.
He admitted off the record that research funded by industry "downplays" and understates the side effects significantly, while grossly overstating the benefits!
It is common that the Pharmaceuticals
when they do trials, often have what is called a "washout" phase before the official trials are conducted.
In this washout phase, the participants who experience serious side effects get eliminated, so the consequent results from the "official" trials are favorable!  
Who's kidding who here!!!
This is scientific fraud,period!
Unfortunately, you are up against big money in the billions and billions of dollars, which translate into many jobs and a lot of taxes paid to various levels of government.
If you think there's an agency anywhere, that is going to overlook
this and fight for patients' rights,think again!
As far as surgery goes, if it is major,
it can put a significant load on anybody, specially on patients already compromised by serious health conditions!
It is the sum of genetics, lifestyle/environment, viral loads,
traumas including accidents, abuse
surgeries, PTSD etc. that make the difference in ones health.
Are there any other options besides surgury?

There are screening processes when joining a drug trial, as there should be. There is risk involved in the long-term use of drugs that are not yet on the market and have lower amounts of data on their usage. You are often times expected to have no other drugs in your system when you start so as not to contaminate the data. This is the only "wash-out" period I'm aware of. For example, if you recently had a course of methylprednisolone, you may be asked to wait a period of time before starting the trial in order for those drugs to "wash out" of your system.

No one is under any illusion that pharmaceutical companies operate on the basis of altruism, but the FDA and EC do a fairly good job of at least demanding certain information. It is our job as patients to avail of this information and review it with our medical team critically.
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Thank you friends, your comments are always appreciated.
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I personally have only had trouble with weakness getting out to bed. I bought a walker at a thrift store. I use it getting out of bed or on the coach at home.

I had trouble when I had a hysterectomy for cancer and was in the hospital for a week. They would not help me getting in or out of bed. I was so weak. Getting in was harder since I had to pull myself up. I  would have given them a really bad review on the survey, but they did not send me a survey.
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