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Symptoms during menstrual cycle

To all you ladies out there I have this question.  Do you have more symptoms during your menstrual cycle?  I seem to notice a bit more numbness and find myself dropping things during this time.  I wonder if it is because my body temperature seems higher at that time.  I was just wondering since I have been dropping things all day!  Have a great 4th everyone!

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Hi there!

I don't think we have met - nice to meet you!  I am undiagnosed but my symptoms are definitely worse just prior to and during my cycle.  I noticed that when my temp rose to 99.4 F my vibration in my body got stronger and made the tremor, weakness and vision worse.  There are articles on this that I found when it first started happening to me last year.  I will see what I can find and send you a link or two.

Have a nice night!
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Here is one small article but there are lots of studies that question whether there is a relationship of sex hormones and MS exacerbations.  I think that the doctors are linking them but do not have enough data yet to make a true correlation.  One article I read said 42% of women's exacerbations started during the premenstrual or luteal phase of their cycle.  Very interesting stuff.  I at one time last year tried birth control pills thinking that it would prevent the symptom increase but after 4 months I noticed very little if any difference.
Here is the link:
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I am also undiagnosed, but whatever is wrong with me, it does act up.  I've been symptomatic for about 3.5 months straight, and during each cycle I notice a worsening.  In particular, the feelings of heaviness get much stronger.  I almost feel pinned to the furniture, like gravity is stronger around me.  I'll level out again afterwards.  I've always had notable PMS, and if I have any illness around then, it always makes it worse!

What lucky ladies we are, eh?

Take care
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Thanks for your comment.  I have started feeling really bad during my period in the last couple of years and have been spacey and clumsy.  I always blamed it on my period, but now I have noticed that I have problems when I am overheated in general.  It is nice to know there is a reason, but I guess I can't do anything about it!  You mention that you are undiagnosed.  Have you had testing done?  I am going to the neuro on Wednesday unless I wimp out and cancel.  I hate that MS can be a difficult disease to diagnose.  There seem to be so many people with awful symptoms who are undiagnosed.

Hope you had a nice 4th!
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Thanks for your comment.  Sorry you are undiagnosed.  What type of symptoms are you having?  Have you only had symptoms for 3.5 months?  I have noticed problems for a few years, but have never been able to connect the dots.  It all makes a little more sense now although I am afraid that they won't find anything and it will just get worse.  I had an MRI done a couple of years ago for headaches and I am sure my primary would have told me if he had seen lesions!  Hope you feel better soon!

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