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Symptoms for a few years MS or something else?

I have had symptoms for a few years. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a rheumatologist  3 years ago after a really bad bout of severe fatigue, pain etc....  I have had heat intolerance for several years and thought nothing of it. Recently my husband told me I waddled when I walk. I realized I had weakness in my right leg and also my right hand. I went to my GP who went through a small series with me. I had slight drop foot and unilateral right side weakness with hand tremor on my right side. I also have dizziness, tinnitus, and a positive rhomberg. I have a difficult time wiggling my toes on my right side even though they are not numb. I do have tingling in hands and feet on both side. I also have hyperreflexia in both knees and my left arm. Those reflexes were not there a few years ago. I have been practicing and doing PT on my own and have recovered some in my strength in my leg and wrist/hand. The symptoms are worse in a hot shower and heat. The tremor becuase very pronounced and wiggling my toes is very difficult to do until I cool down. I had an MRI. My GP wanted with and without contrast. They only say 1 bright focal 5mm in the periventricualr deep white matter. It read that he didn't think it was a Demyelinating lesion but wasn't sure and it could be insignificant. Guess they just don't know. The radiologist refused the MRI with contrast and said I didn't need it, which made me angry. I have an appointment with a neurologist in a few weeks. Hopefully I will get an MRI of my spine. Could this be something else mimicking MS? Is there a possibility the lesions are on the spine?  I'm 39, do not smoke or drink etc.. I do have 5 children with the worse symptoms starting 6.5 years ago after the birth of my 5th child. Thanks for any guidance or support though this journey!
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Also I should clarify that the MRI was done at a MTF(military treatment facility). My husband said unless you have a large tumor jumping out they are liable to miss anything else since they are read so quickly. My reading was completed within 30 minutes of being the MRI being done. This time I am NOT using the military but have sought a neurologist int he private sector.
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Hi - It's hard to say why the radiologist decided against the contrast MRI. One possibility is that he/she looked at the non-contrast study first. If he didn't find any demyelinating lesions without contrast there would be no reason to do the contrast study.

All lesions will show up without contrast. the contrast highlights lesions that are new/active at the moment. If none of the previously existing lesions are new/active the contrast study will look just like the non-contrast study.

Keep us posted.

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Thanks, I guess I would have just felt better with the whole work up. lol  I still have to see my neuro in 3 weeks and have my spine evaluated. I just hate feeling like this all the time..And the bright focal in my deep white matter is still a mystery.
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Fun ain't it :-)
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I think the bright spot might be called UFO oh thats not it, lol UBO (unidentified bright object) these can happen with MRI's and its not unusual for someone without any issues to have at least one lesion from things like mono etc. A "periventricualr deep white matter" lesion is, in the known MS location but it wouldn't really account for your sx. Mapping lesions isn't an exact science but clinical signs will indicate the likely area(s) of the lesion or damage.

I've learnt over the years that its important for the MRI to be done using MS protocol, which off the top of my head are 3mm slices, with and with out contrast and preferably on a 3T MRI but a 1.5T with new software can apparently be just as good, though pre-software upgrades stats, say a 3T will pick up approx 25% more than a 1.5T. You can learn more about dx MS, MS mimics, MRI's etc in our health pages, which you might like to have a look at.

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