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TN or Dental Issues

Ok, I'll admit it. My Kryptonite in this world, is the dentist. I hate the dentist, or rather, shall I say, I'm scared to death of them. I've had so many surgeries, you would think that I wouldn't be scared of too much, but yes, I am scared of the dentist. I hate the way it smells. I hate the taste of latex in your mouth. I hate the feeling of the scrapping with those hooks. I hate everything about the whole experience. Besides, my mouth tends to spasm and lock, when messed with too much.

I guess you could say it's been awhile since I've been to the dentist, and I do need to go. My excuse in the past was that we didn't have dental insurance and could not afford it,but now we do. I noticed a few weeks back that one of my molars (the last one in the lower back/ right side) is a little loose. I had to put it off because of family reasons, and my surgery.

This past week, I notice that I started to get pain. I'm on percasets from the surgery, and this wasn't even taken the tooth pain away. The pain was more than just tooth pain, it involved my face, jaw, tongue, ear, and throat. The pain would shoot from in front of my ear, to my lower and upper jaw, it would involve my upper and lower lips. Sometimes it would feel like hot liquid was being put in the ear. At one time this pain involved the right side of my tongue, and the right side of my throat. It was intermittent. It would happen for several minutes, then go away, then come back. I would have a aching, constantly, but when everything was involved it was horrible.

My teeth don't bleed when brushing or flossing, and I don't have any sign of inflammation or puffy gums. My gums are pink and I also don't see any sign of receding gum lines. I can push on the gum itself, where the loose tooth is, and there is no pain or funny feelings. The tooth, is a different story. It has a constant numb/aching feeling. It's hard to describe, but this pain is also effect other teeth that aren't loose.

I have a pretty high pain threshold, but this brought me to tears. I could deal with the aching, but when the episode would happen that involved my whole face, I would burst into tears because of the pain. I would get some relief from my Neurotins, and that is only because I upped the dosage. I do have a dentist appointment for Monday, because I know that the teeth issue does need to be address, but can a teeth issue effect your whole face and occur intermittently or could this be TN on top of teeth issues? Should I go to my GP or just wait it out for my appointment with my dentist? I can't get in with my neuro, because she is back up until June :(
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As a sufferer of TN ,my two cents worth,is that you are experiencing TN. Dental pain usually doesn't radiate down your throat, although it can radiate to your ear.

I would go to your GP and see if they can't add Tegretol or Trileptal to your meds as these are the drugs of choices for TN.

I hope you can get relief soon! I know how bad this pain can get.

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Hi there... I'm going through the same thing right now for the past three days.  It hurt so much last night I couldn't sleep very well.  My right side of my face is so sore.. I don't know if it's my teeth or what, and I'm scared of dentist too.. I went a couple of months ago and told him about this pain, (I've had it before).. he said it didn't sound like my teeth?  But I don't know..one of them is sore at times..not always though... it's sore to touch, then later it's not sore ??  

if it doesn't stop soon, I should head to the dentist and/or call the MS clinic and let them know..

take care and let us know what the dentist says
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I too would suspect TN, except for the part about one tooth being loose. There could be an infection where you can't see it. You definitely need to bite the bullet :o) and see the dentist ASAP. The area needs to be probed and x-rayed. That's really the only way to rule out dental problems, and your GP would tell you that too.

I hope things get better for you soon. Let us know how you're doing.

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Yes, the first step is to definitively take care of any question of whether this is dental.  BTW I share your dentophobia.  OMG I wake up in tears the morning of dental visits.  I was born minus 14 of my permanent teeth.  Because of this my jaws undergrew, the teeth came in wherever they wanted to, rotated and on their sides.  One molar grew down out of the center roof of my mouth - no kidding!

After spending a third of my youth in the dentists' chair and finally having the rest of my baby teeth pulled when I was 18, I was given bridges which have slowly broken down.  Yes, I loathe those visits.

But, we discussed TN in the context of dental pain a few days ago.  If you missed the discussion:


Good luck.  And GO TO THE DENTIST!  I can yell that because I finally have an appointment for next Monday, for an extruding molar and a loose cap.  Please pray for my soul.

Go in peace, but make an appointment first.

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Thank you for all the comments and suggestion. I wish the dentist could have gotten me in sooner. I'm not sure how much more of this pain I can take. I might try to get an appointment with my GP tomorrow, but I'm not sure if they can squeeze me in.

I've had pain before that I thought was TN, but this is the worst it's ever felt, if this is what I'm dealing with. I couldn't eat yesterday at all. I ate a yogurt, and that was it.

I'll pray for your soul Quix, if you pray for mine! lol.

I wish I knew if I knew if it was dental or TN, but I do believe it could be both.
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SB - It sounds like TN.  Firstline drug is carbamazepine.  Yes, all the things you describe sound like TN.  Dental pain usually hurts with pressure.  TN can be felt all along the course of that branch of the nerve.

Check out this picture.  The pic shows just the biggest branches, but would cover all the space in between.

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As far as how bad this is, remember that TN has historically been called The Suicide Pain.
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Hey Quix, I looked at the picture (one of the more clear ones I've seen) and it looks like CN-V innervates the eye/behind the eye?  Is this correct?  Most of my TN pain is in my jaw and cheek, but I sometimes get the same pain (only worse) behind my eye.  It's awful!  

The neurosurgeon seemed to think that was really odd and asked me if it was more my cheek, but this is definitely behind my eye and it's the worst (though luckily the least frequent of the pains).  Is this part of TN?

Slightlybroken, I do hope you figure it out soon.  It oculd be both TN and dental pain, and the last thing you need with TN is more facial pain, so go ahead and get your tooth fixed no matter what.  Good luck at the dentist.

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Good heavens--you have to wait until Monday?  I would definitely try to find something to kill the pain.  It sounds like you have may have a combination of dental issues and TN.  Maybe the dental thing is making the TN flare.  I take gabapentin for TN which seems to help.  I still am having the TN, and when the pain strikes, I throw my head back instinctively because it feels like someone stabbing me with an ice pick.  

I'm hoping you get relief soon!

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I hope you feel better soon and the dentist can shade some light on whats going on.

I don't get why so many people are afraid of the dentist. my bf is terrified of them and I take him in next Friday (cleaning). my dad was a dentist, now retired, so I know all my teeth (right side only) going bad at the same time and w/o warning and no injury to the area....not possible. I have fallen asleep many times in the chair and my dentist has to wake me up (I close my month).

when my dad bought his practice (when a dentist/doctor sells their practice this includes their patients), he started routine cleaning  for all of his patients (every 6 mo, the old dentist didn't do these) after the cleaning and probing the teeth, he'd have you stick your tongue out at him and he would feel under your tongue.  he'd check how the jaw moved. my dad is rare as he listens to all complains. after he got all his patients caught up, he referred 1/3 to other doctors, some people had cancer in stage 1. some people had TM or TMJ, he even dx'd some of them and sent them in for a 2nd opinion.  my point being the dentist is a doctor and s/he can help you. most people think they only learn about the teeth, this is false. from the neck up is what they learn in school.

for a little more then a year now, I've been experiencing numbness that follows the nerve above my right eye. it lasts a few seconds to maybe a minutes or two. it goes around my eye and moves down my cheek and stops on my upper right lip and/or I get one that follows my jaw to my lower lip. I've also notice 1/2 my tongue (right side) doesn't feel normal. kinda tingling can't feel it 100%. I slur  when this happens.

about 2 months ago, it changed to a electric type pain. it hung around 2 day (on and off multiple times through out the day) then disappeared for at least day then come back. it was just above my right eye and the other one was in the cheek bone just below my R eye. I still get tingling/kinda numb feeling down this nerve. about a month ago, the shocking electrical thing has included most of my teeth on my right side.
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You and I are having a difficult time with Dentist.. I just posted what my dentist said today... and he wanted to take them out right then... I said NO>>>  I need my hubby to drive me there and home when I get teeth taken out..

hope we get through this..let me know how things go.
I'm taking T3 codine... it helps me sleep... doesn't take all the pain away, but soothes it down alittle.. for a short time.

take care
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Fear of the dentist is ingrained through difficult experiences and pain from prior dental visits.  It is neither rational nor easily overcome, just like fear of a closed MRI or fear of being on the top of a tall building, neither of which bother me at all.

Not all dentists have your father's touch or professionalism.

I know of people here that fear the next visit with a new neurologist based on humiliating experiences with prior ones.

It just is.

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