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Tablets with ms side effects ???????????????

Hi all again,

I am on tablets for my heart, as a few years ago my heart was beating irregular so the Drs at the hospital put me on
Metoprolol Tartrate, in which I take a 50 mg tablet in the morning and another 50 mg tablet in the evening.
It slows my heart down and is supposed to take away my palputations, and I did always have high blood pressure and this also helps.

Anyway to cut a long story short the other day I read the information piece of paper in the box of its side effects and read this.


-  Dizziness, especially with standing up
-  Skin reactions such as rash, itching, etc
-  irritated eyes, such as red, runny, dry or itchy, blurred vision
-  numbness in the arms and legs
-  tingling or 'pins and needles'
-  buzzinng and ringing in the ears, difficulty hearing
- sunburn happening more quickly than usual
- abnormal thinking or hallucinations
-  constant 'flu-like' symptons with tiredness or lack of energy
-  sexual problems

I will go to my G.P. and have it looked into but is still doesn't explain my past bilateral face pain or the tingling in the groin aren or the burning etc, but I guess anything is worth a shot...........

Any advice anyone??????????

Thanks again, Melissa
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Hi, Melissa.

Definitely have this checked out. The best way to find out whether the pills are causing your symptoms is to switch to something else, or even go off them awhile. But of course you need careful supervision by your doctor during all of this.

I know you know not to mess with your heart!

Please let us know.

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I will be getting this checked out, thanks for posting.

Will let everyone know what I find out,
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I have been on the same drug as you because I have fast heart beat ( anxiety related) and high blood pressure( not anxiety related), but anyway I have been experiencing numbness for over a year and a half in my legs, toes, arms and fingers and I also have a numb patch in my back. Anyway I finally went to the doctor about it and they mentioned Multiple sclerosis( which I highly doubt I have) I had a MRI the other day to rule the possibility out and I have not got my results yet. So, to get to the point I have been searching trying to find a reason for the numbness, muscle jerks and hot and cold sensations and I thought well maybe it may be my BP medicine and I came across your article and almost fell out of my chair. Please tell me where you found the information about the medicine causing numbness
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