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The MS Tracker

Well, I finally did it. I started the tracker. I'm picking up what it's putting down, haha in other words - I'm digging it.

I have to be honest I was so intimidated by it that when I did start one last year I deleted it. But, I finally tried again. TingleT seems to have his up and running strong, and after looking at his, I figured "I can DO this." hahah And, seeing someone who is using it made me understand why it could be so useful. So, thanks Alex for being so efficient!

It's pretty nifty, and not nearly as line'ish and scary as I initially thought it was, lol
I'm sure it's not for everyone, but I would be interested in hearing about how you work yours if you've added it.
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Tracking hours of sleep, too, and naps.

Easy to build. When something you forgot about resurfaces, just add column and start tracking. It will be interesting to see how this looks as a bar graph at the end of each month.

Dates run vertically, sxs run horizontally. At the end of the day, I cut and paste it onto the next day's journal page.

I'm such a geek for Microsoft Notebook. I lubs it. Better password protect it. It has everything in it. [evil grin]
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oooh JumpinJ - your table sounds fab, and right up my alley. I'm the same way - love to see patterns instead of random and seemingly endless issues and how the heck to communicate that on follow-up - oy!
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Oops, forgot to add, I'm lean toward Lulu's take on the website trackers. It's my personal habit to make anyone interested in scouring my info to have to work for it, very hard. :-D
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Funny, about the same day you posted this, Shell, I made a table in my Notebook journal where I could just put an X in the box if a particular sx showed up that day. I'm not worried about how many hours or how many times, just if it's there it gets an X.

The decision to do this was based on my last neuro visit. There were some sx he forgot to ask about, and there are far too many to communicate with the short amount of time we have available. Plus, I'd like to see if there are any patterns for my own use - being the proactive type that I am. If I can manage to turn the data into a usable graph, it could be a far better communicator of what's happening than the 5 to 10 minute Q&A we do at a neuro appt.

The nice thing about it is, I have put in columns for supplements, physical activity, miles tracked on the pedometer, productivity, headaches, body temp fluctuations, moods and relaxation sessions.

Wishing I knew how to use Excel better . . .
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Jane and Dennis - I'm so glad you commented. I think I will send these items to the Community Manager so they can perhaps make changes based on users experiences and problems.  They definitely listened to us when we were shouting to the roof tops (and send them a list of to-do's based on users) when they rearranged the site!

Still searching, yes - I do believe you can make it private. Since I'm new with using it too - soon as I get a chance I'll check it out and let you know.
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I have tried the tracker a couple of times. But at least in my case it seems to be pretty useless.

1) The use of medical terms - I can never remember what is what and it is too much trouble to have to always look them up.

2) Medications...They don't list or give an option to indicate MY MS medications.

3) Level of symptoms....I could check off most of the symptoms listed on any given day...But what changes is the level of problems they are giving me.

For example with my vision. I have blurry vision every single day. But some days it lasts only about 1 hour while another day it will be 4 hours or more.

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I have a question...so I don't have an MS dx but most of my symptoms from day to day fall within MS symptoms (numbness/tingling, balance, fatigue, vision issues, pain, odd sensations of various kinds, twitches, etc.)  Would this be a good tool to help track the symptoms eventhough I'm not technically dx'd?  Is there anyway to keep it private?  I just ask that b/c I don't want people to think I have a dx when I don't but I thought is would be good for my upcoming appt with a new doc.  Thanks for any input you can give.
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I tried to get mine going once, but had some difficulties. I think it was because I have a Mac, although the truth is I didn't put enough time and effort into my attempt to confirm that it wasn't user error.

I'm thinking of recreating the tracker with Excel, because I do see how this info could be extremely useful to me and my doc down the road. In Excel, it would probably even be easier to sort by date or symptom later if I wish, and I could add info that the tracker doesn't include such as diet comments, sleep comments, etc.

It's lovely to hear everyone's thoughts on the MedHelp tracker.

- Jane
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Lu - I'm not a conspiracy theorist, lol So, don't feel the same way you do - but the word tracker can definitely be a dirty word in varying situations so I can relate. JJ mentions - nothing is private. Absolutely nothing anymore. Even the things we don't physically put on the net ourselves is on the net.

When I saw Alex's I thought it would be good to get those issues out of my head, see if there are any trends, and give me a guage since I do ignore signs sometimes - whether it's plain denial, or ignorance at least hoping a visual helps me in that regard.  

Was wondering about others thoughs on what has helped them, or what they hoped would help.  

Alex - I think the body part identifier would be cool too - like a push pin button or something....just thinking out loud here.
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Hey gals,

I am so very flattered that Shelly B has decided to take up the tracker.

No need to feel compelled to update daily. I have had two period of extreme wellness and found myself, as strange as this sounds, not wanting to check in on the wonderful, caring, funny community we have here. I was too busy being well and I didn't want to spend a second thinking about MS.

If Medhelp wants to use my information for good or evil they are welcome to it. I am hoping to be able to print out and show to my neuro in August when I next visit. I think the tracker is so handy because I can't remember how I was feeling yesterday let alone last month.

No need to become a slave to the tracker. Good on you Shelly belly.


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Hey Shell,

I started one way back when i joined but I found it problematic and stopped doing it. The issue I had was more to do with 'umbrella terms' and it would of been better or more informative for me, to of had a body picture that i could fill in where i experienced the sx eg parathesia.

As it is, this particular sx is what i think of as back ground noise, always there to some degree but its when it aprears in a new spot or gets worse that i get more telling information. Similar issues with psuedo's, so from my experience it didn't have the flexibilities, and i think thats necessary in a lot sx.

I hope your wrong Lulu because my research background is not impressed with their methodology if your right, its flawed on so many levels lol wouldn't doubt the posibilities of it being 'used' though. I'm not doing the diary type for similar reasons and yet i too speak openly on the forum, though the difference is that I am 100% aware that posting on the forum is public.

All these other methods, can make people think its private when its not, anything put online is accessable, familiarity breeds contempt and your more likely to put things in a diary you can 'never' take back. lol To be honest i wouldn't like a million plus people reading my diary because I left it sitting on the table, same thing in my mind lol

Though shell, let me know if it helps or how you find it useful over time, cause i am interested.

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Trackers?  This is one I have stayed clear of .... the use of this personal data is not really made clear.  I started one but never got very far into it before I was troubled with this thought.There are other websites that also allow us to input all these symptoms, problems and meds but they are very clear from the beginning that this information is being used to study advances in treatment and shared with researchers.  Incidentally, I didn't do a lot on their site, either.

Funny, but I can't really explain why it bothers me so much when I am more than willing to discuss anything here on the forum in these posts.

go figure, L  
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