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The Roller coaster of unknowns

Most of us ride the roller coaster of unknown. I used to ride it with MS. When will more symptom come? What are MS symptoms and what is something else. Then I got stage IV Ovarian Cancer that looked like it was going to kill me quickly. Then I had BRCA 1 with an 87 % of Breast Cancer in my life time. My Ovarian oncologist said you will get Breast Cancer not if. and need a double Mastectomey. I said no and got a good Breast Doctor she said that would be crazy to put me through. Then the Ovarian Spread and I joined a clinical trial double blind placebo for science. Remarkably the cancer would recede then they would find more. Then it really started disappearing so I had great hope. Now again its coming back. So life is a constant roller coaster.

I prefer an even keeled sail boat. This means I have to work very hard at staying positive. Not freaking out about all the unknowns.

We just got a puppy a month ago and that is another roller coaster. They change so fast.

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This made me smile Alex ! Tell us about your puppy, please!!!
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Alex, you are handling so much, and you still keep your head high and help others in this community with your advice and good wishes.  You are inspiring.
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I´m so sorry that your cancer is getting worse again Alex. From what I know about you, you will not give up and you will get better again. You have your cute puppy to keep you busy and I know you will tackle this the right way.

My best wishes to you,
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My puppy is a deaf dalmatian 16 weeks old. Her name is Fiona. She has one blue and one brown eye. I was up most of the night and half the morning with her. She is loud when she is not getting her way. She was the size of a cat when we got her now she is 24 pounds. Grady our foxhound plays with her. Polly the older Dalmatian tells her to go away. We also have to cats which are not used to her yet.

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Your new puppy seems adorable. I'm sure the rest of the family will help her settle and teach her how to behave :)

I'm sorry about your cancer. But you'll fight this. You've got to keep believing. You're attitude is very inspiring.

Best wishes!
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