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Yesterday I went to my evaluation and first physical therapy session.  The individual conducting the session and evaluation obviously has worked with many MS clients.  She knew all about the drugs I am taking and asked pertinent question about any pain I might be experiencing.

After evaluating me she decided to send a request for a referral to my neurologist so that I not only have the strength and balance therapy he prescribed, but to also have occupational (fine motor skill) and cognitive evaluation and therapies as well. These therapies are already scheduled and we are awaiting approval.

Her biggest concern initially is to work on reestablishing and enhancing neural memories.  She has given me a series of realivly easy exercises for me to start doing.  Most of these are designed to improve my balance and gait.

My wife and I talked about this and we both feel this is a good direction for me to pursue.  The hard part will be the diligences required to make any difference.  Another thing I know I need to do is to loose some of the weight I have gained recently due to depression and my decrease in activity.
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I am so glad to hear that it went really, really good for you.  I have been wondering how it went.  Good p.t.'s are hard to find.
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This is wonderful news! How did you find such a great PT?  I'm so happy for you!

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Thanks Ada.  I hope it contiues to be as good as this first encounter seems to have gone.  I hope I have the determination to do the right things too.  Often times I find myself wanting to just curl up and not care anymore.  I have to get past that BS.

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I went to the place my neurologist sent me.  That was easy.  The center where I will be going is one of the two centers that are close to where I live and the one that my insurance accepts.

Fortunatly for me I live in a fairly liberal, educated, and resource enhanced area.  I guess that is why we moved here after all.
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Sounds like a nice place to live.
Would like to comment on the curling up and not caring.  I've crawled under the infamous rock myself.  And, when I wasn't there, I longed for it all the time.  It's hard to "get past" that BS, and as you know.  You alone may not be able to do it.

Remember Rebif (am I remembering right?) is a big contributor to this, really it is.  I didn't realize how much until I unfortunately had to stop recently.

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I was on Rebif initially, but I became suicidal.  So, now I am on Copaxone.

Fore me it is the struggle to be provider and MS patient at the same time.  I will have to maintain so that my family keeps above the water line.  Besides, I have to be a good example for my boys.
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