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Thinking I have a bad neuro

1 year ago i was sitting in my shop working as normal when out of nowhere i started seeing sun burst effects following them was a migraine that stayed for weeks.i ended up in the hospital for it that day and they sent me to a neuro. I seen him 2 times in 8 months. He did and Mri not sure the results he never gave them to me.he did spinal tap it came back with high protein in it.he looked over the results while talking to me and i told him that i have a 4.4 cm anorism on my heart. Now follow this me he closed my file ignored the results and said it is all the hearts fault.

Now here i am have more symptoms i have lost perifrial vision from left eye i have a loss of feeling in same side. Along with dizzy spells that occur even when just standing.      

I need some help i am a 35yr old male and i am lost cause no one will tell me why my body feels like it is attacking itself please any answer will be nice. Thank you all
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Oh i also have a vitamin D deficiency
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Hi Josh and welcome,

i'm in Australia and it's almost 2am in the morning over here, i will definitely respond tomorrow but i just wanted you to know someone is listening.....JJ
Thank you so much i am so lost
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I really think you need to see your cardiologist about your heart condition, and if you don't have one then get one.....there's nothing you've mention that couldn't be explained by a heart condition, and if all your symptoms could be due to your heart not getting blood circulating through your body properly, then you need to know this from a specialist who deals with these types of issues on a daily basis.

The neuro's bed side manner might of been horrid but without the evidence of neurological abnormality, he's likely right that your existing heart condition is the causation....a cardiologist would be the best specialist to confirm this for you and i'd recommend you see a cardiologist and get your heart condition ruled out or in...

Hope that helps........JJ
Thank you and i do have a card he is amazing one of the best in nation got very lucky there he has had me on a carvadilol for almost year now and talking with him he completely disagrees with nero so i am stick between rock and hard place. Sigh
Okay so if you've seen your cardio and he has ruled out your heart condition as the cause of your symptoms, then the next step would be to get a second opinion with a different neurologist!

You don't know what, or if anything was actually found on your brain MRI, there might not be anything neurologically abnormal or what is there is minor micro vascular related and is generally associated with heart conditions.....you can get copies of all the test results the neurologist ran, if not to you, your family doctor should be able to get your test results and be able to discuss them with you...

If you haven't already had the health of your vision assessed by an ophthalmologist or neruo-ophthalmologist, that would be something id recommend you get done.  

Migraines from what i understand can cause many temporary symptoms during an episode.....
*seeing sun burst effects following them was a migraine that stayed for weeks

*lost peripheral vision from left eye

*loss of feeling in left side.

*dizzy spells that occur even when just standing

..could be migraine related but migraine would not typically cause symptoms to be permanent or continue for months on end but if you are still getting migraines too, that could be your window for getting a second neurological opinion and some migraine related treatment plan started.

Hope that helps....JJ

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It does it does yhank you so much. Sometimes just reaching out to others is the best thing. Making sure i am not just feeling down in the dumps about it all
"Sometimes just reaching out to others is the best thing. "......so true but don't over look the benefits of seeing a therapist can bring you too, feeling down in the dumps can push you towards the slippery slope of depression and it's always beneficial to be proactive with your mental health.....JJ
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You actually have the right to see the final report from your visit to neurology.  Does your gp have a copy?  Or perhaps they can call the neurologist's office and get one.

Did he do a neuro exam when he saw you?  Strength, reflexes, eye movement etc?

I echo JJ's advice to get a second opinion.  Ask your cardiologist to write a report stating that your issues are not due to the aneurysm.  He could copy it directly to your neurologist, or to your second opinion neuro.

Ruling out other possibilities is a tiresome trek from specialist to specialist.  As JJ said, it very well may NOT be ms.  Please work with your gp to address possibly vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and to perhaps have a second opinion with a second cardiologist.  Although yours sounds like a gem.

You will survive the lack of answers.  I did the specialist rule out crawl for three years, and lived to tell the tale.
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