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Tingling/Shivering up and down legs??! Help please!

Hi there, I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place but for the past few weeks now I have been experiencing tingling and what feels like shivers (but I'm not actually cold) up and down my legs. I have also been experiencing a 'crawling' sensation around my buttock area. This has also been accompanied by arm and neck pain and headaches.

Can anyone help me at all??
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My skin would have goose-pimples in patches - there would be these irregular spots where the hair and the flesh was standing up. What was especially weird was that the patches would move around. When I stroked it with a fingertip, the goosepimples went away.
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Yes! That sounds like it. I've just looked at my legs and noticed that I do infact have goose-pimples all over them as well. It's not like I'm that cold and I'm not physically shaking either. It seems to be worse today for some reason and seems more prominent in my calves :( What are the patches that you describe? I don't think I have those.
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Maybe, but fasciculations are twitches in the muscle.

To me this sounds like a problem I've had on and off - weird goose-pimply flesh when I'm not cold. I had this on my scalp for some time - it felt like bugs crawling over my head. I also get it in my right arm. The skin actually looks like it's cold, but just in patches. The hair will stand up, which contributes to the tingly prickly sensation. The patches move around on my skin.

I don't know what causes this. I've got lesions in my spine which affect my sensory tract, and lesions in the brainstem.
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What you are describing is called fasciculations. There is a syndrome called benign fasciculation syndrome which is harmless. It could also be caused by a pinched nerve in the lower back. MS usually attacks one side of the body. Fasciculations in themselves are harmless. I used to get them in my left arm. They went away after awhile.


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