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Tingling Tounge With No Vitamin B12 Def?


I've been having alot of problems for about 9 months now. When they first started I though it was from getting older and just having my first child. My daughter was born in Feb and about a month after that, thats when my symptoms started.
I thought my exhaustion was from having a newborn and breast feeding, though it has continued.
I use to have a unreal memory and now I forget everything. I have trouble remembering words and whole coversations.
Clumsy, wobbly, light headed, dizzy, triping over, blurry vision, headaches, joint pain, muscle cramps, muscle twitches, tingling tounge, tingling arms/legs/fingers/feet. Vertigo mainly when laying down. Ringing in my ears. Heat intolerance. Sweat really easy. I get tingles in the back of my head. I get shooting/stabbing pains in my head and neck. Stabbing pains in my legs. Last week I had two episodes of cramps that were horrible. The first was in my calf and it woke me up, it stayed slighty cramped unitl lunch time then my leg went numb and I couldnt lift my foot. I tried everything from walking more to running though it wouldnt change it. When my husband go home from work he rubbed it and it made it a little better, though the dragging was still there. It was like someone was pulling on my leg. The I had a full neck cramp, this too woke me up because I couldnt move it at all. I had to sit there and rub it, though I still have pain and a stiff neck.
I went to the doc and she tested me for a whole range of things. She did a CBC, Thyroid, Cholesterol,RA, ANA, Glucose, ESR, Vitamin B12 and Folate.

When I was called back, I was told that my WBC was a little high though this was 'probably' due to smoking. (Wasnt happy)

RF was 6.9 (0-13.9)
ANA SCR was Negative
MCH was High 31.3 (27.0-31.0)
NEUT/100WBC was High 72.8 (43.0-65.0)
LYMPHS/100WBC was Low 16.4 (20.5-45.5)
MONO/100WBC was Low 5.3 (5.5-11.7)
EOS% was High 5.2 (.9-2.9)

Vitamin B12 was 498 (160-970)
Folate 6.4 (4.2-19.6)

Total Cholesterol 203 (200-239 Borderline High)
Fasting Blood Glucose 103 (100-125 PreDiabetes)

Because my doctor didnt say anything was wrong I took it on myself to look into my results and that was what I found. I just cant believe with all my symptoms there is nothing wrong.
Is it possible to have a Vitamin B12 Def though have a normal reading? The only thing that is making me think that is a white blotchy rash I have all over my body that I have read can happen.
Everything else seems to point to MS? I had a CT scan which she said was normal, along with a chest X-ray which was also normal.
I know tingling tounge is a sign of MS and Vitamin B12 Deficency though is it possible to have a normal reading even if you have a deficency?
Everything else is pointing towards MS, should I mention it to her when I go back for my follow up?

Im sorry this is so long, Im just a little frustrated and confused at being told all this is due to smoking.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

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The "heat intolerance" even in a warm shower  sounds quite a bit like Uhthoff's symptom.  It can be a symptom in just about any CNS neurologic condition.  The only way to really differentiate Lyme;s Disease demyelination from other CNS demyelination (as far as I know) is to have a blood test for Lyme's Titers.  If the titers are low, you cross Lyme's off the list.  You just need titers not Lyme's Western Blots, Lyme's DNA PCRs.  Those are just for active Lyme infections in the blood.  They are usually only positive with the active EM skin rash.  I think I previously mentioned that the CBC values you posted looked like a possible very early infection with a slight shift to the left.  If you didn't have a temp, I think I would have ignored it.  If your ESR was Normal, that mean you really don't have any systemic inflammatory process going on, so that kind of down plays Lyme's, but I;d still get a Lyme's antibody titer.

MRI is really the next important test.

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Welcome to the forum.  While your symptoms could be related to MS, they coould also be related to other conditions.  You have enough neurologic symptoms that you should be referred to a Neurologist for evaluation.  I think the Neurologist would order an MRI of the brain "just to be safe."  The Neurologist would also determine if you had any muscle spasticity, clonus, hyperrefelexia, or other abnormal neurologic signs.  Your WBC differential looks like a slight shift to the left (less mature Lymphs and and more immature EOS, BASOs, NEUTs.)  That may indicate a early infection like a UTI, etc.  

Hope this helps,

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Hi Bob and Thank You for your reply.

I will add that I also had a urine test done. It showed protein, bilirubin and high levels of mucus for which she made me retest though that came back normal.
I was in hospital on xmas day for a UTI and Kidney Stones. Then another UTI about June this year. Do you think its possible Kidney Stones are coming back?
I have had tingling in my back near my right kidney. With everything else thats going on I get confused at what is where. LOL

Thanks Again,

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Sorry I forgot to add that I also had RBC in my urine also. It was 0-3.
Im not sure what this means?


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That is not many RBCs, it should be none, bit a stone kicking around in the kidney could cause you to spill a few RBCs along with mucus and protein.  Bilirubin in urine is usually associated with a blocked common bile duct, liver disease, or hepatitis.  If it persists, your PCP might want to follow up an that.

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Hi Bob,

Thanks for your reply. I go for a follow up on the 19th so I will question everything then.
I just found it strange that she didnt talk to me about any of my results considering I have so many things going on.
I will update when I find out more.

Thanks Again.

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Hey Bob,

Well I thought I would give you an update.
On Wed my head was spinning all day, mixed in with vertigo feelings. In the afternoon I  started having chest pains, a stabbing feeling on my right side.
I thought I would just keep aware of it for a while and not worry too much. I went for a shower and after the shower my whole left side went numb. My husband took me to hospital and they checked my heart. The doctor said my heart and blood work were fine. She also gave me the Romberg test which I failed and fell backwards. I also had a CT scan which she said was fine also. She gave me a prescription to have a MRI which was done on Friday.
Then Sat I had the same thing happen when I got out of the shower though not as bad, just a slight pulling feeling.
My husband daughter and I had decided to go walk around some shops for a few hrs, though after about half an hr of walking both legs started to pull down and I was dragging both legs. Once I stopped and was back in AC they were fine, though still tingling a little.
I should have the MRI results today though I had a question  for you.
With what you have seen with my blood work and symptoms, do you think its possible it could be lyme disease?


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Hey Bob,

Thanks again. I do have a skin rash though nothing like the classic 'Bull's Eye' that I have seen with Lyme's. I have the white blotchy one, that I was told maybe from a B12 Def or Iron Def, though those are both fine.
I do have a rash on my calf and one on either knee that looks similar to ezema or dermatitis. All three are the size of a quater. Also I have red dry knuckles that are slightly peeling. It kinda looks like contact dermatitis. The calf rash is itchy at times though the other two arent.
My ESR was 5 (0-20)
Would you suggest a Lyme titer anyway?

Thanks again, I really appreciate your help.

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It wouldn't hurt and would rule out Lyme's.
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