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Tingling all over/ off and on?

I've had on and off tingling off and on for a few weeks. I get it everywhere - hands, feet, face, scalp, arms, legs, etc. they are just brief little tingles. Once in awhile my hands or feet will tingle for awhile but it's not difficult to walk or do other activities. I am often fatigued due to lack of sleep from anxiety. My legs on both sides hurt occasionally after standing for long periods or physical activity (calves,thighs, hips). Does this all over sensation sound like MS? Thanks
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Hi and welcome,

Q: Does this all over sensation sound like MS?

A: No, MS wouldn't present with basically any symptom 'all over or everywhere', these brief tingles are more likely due to your anxiety and or the sleep deprivation and fatigue your experiencing due to your anxiety. It would probably be in your best interest to speak to your doctor about the disruptive level of anxiety your currently experiencing.  

Hope that helps........JJ
Would you think anything serious if you wake up with tingling feet/hands that goes away when you move them?
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There is no reason I can think of that you'd need to worry about.....tingling in your peripheral limbs that stops once you actually move about, wouldn't typically be anything abnormal, its simply to do with the positioning of your body, moving of the limbs basically returns normal blood and nerve sensations.

'Sometimes' your actual bed frame or mattress can have the incorrect level of support, it might be worth thinking about what you sleep on because that could cause things like numbness, tingling pins and needles, back aches and pains, stiffness, sleep disruption etc  

Hope that helps......JJ
Thanks for your kind and prompt response. Another question my left hand tingles off and on. I mowed lawn today and after it was kinda tingly. I can still use it normally, but there is a 'nervous' type feeling in it. All my blood tests came back normal.
Also is it a concern if your feet tingle when you're running?
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IF your anxiety over your health is running high, you are possibly hyper focusing on normal or the expected cause and effect sensations your body will naturally experience and potentially overly concerning your self that normal sensations are something seriously....

Having said that though, if for example you had intermittent peripheral nerve issues from anything like degenerative disc, neuropathy, nerve compression, scoliosis, over curvature of the cervical spine etc etc only having blood tests looking for causation will not actually find all the other types of organic issues that can cause tingling in your hands and feet.

It's not exactly abnormal to experience tingling or even minor numbness in your hands or arms for brief periods after using tools or equipment that vibrate, it shouldn't last very long after you stop the exposure. Tingling in the feet whilst running isn't uncommon, it has something to do with your breathing and the natural process of spreading the amount of oxygen your getting into all your vital organs (ie heart brain etc) and the limbs being the least important so getting less. I'm not very good at explaining it but all the running sites talk about hyperventilation issues whilst running...    

Whether you should have further tests is something you should discuss with your doctor but please don't disregard or avoid discussing the levels of anxiety your experiencing.

Hope that helps......JJ
Is a lump in the throat feeling anxiety related? Felt this yesterday while driving and now I can't get it off my mind. I can eat just fine. Just feels like there is a lump there. Was just to the dr yesterday...
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Actually yes, anxiety can cause a lump or obstruction feeling in the throat, its suppose to be a fairly common symptoms of anxiety....

Globus Hystericus, Globus Sensation or Globus Pharyngis, which literally means a feeling of having a lump in your throat or some type of obstruction.

"Constant Lump in the Throat Feeling Anxiety Symptom

This feeling is often described as:

Constant lump in the throat feeling.
Lump in the throat.
A lump in the throat feeling that comes and goes.
It feels like there is a lump in the throat when swallowing.
Anxiety lump in throat.
Feeling of choking or something is stuck in the throat.
A lump or something stuck in the throat after eating.
Tight throat.
A lump in the throat thyroid area.
Feels like there is something tied around the throat.
Globus Hystericus.
Globus anxiety.
Feel there is something blocking the throat or airway."

If your anxiety is untreated or inappropriately treated, it really is in your best interest to seek help by a reputable psychiatrist, and or cognitive behavioral psychologist. Mental health is a legitimate medical situation and these issues do not typically go away on their own, please consider seeking mental health support and help, so that you can learn cognitive behavioral techniques and change your tomorrows....

Hope that helps......JJ

Also, after working out, playing sports, etc. my lower back, hips, and calves ache. My legs also ache a bit when I wake up. I had blood tests for everything and my doc did strength, balance, sensory tests and doesn't think its MS. Also a homeopath didn't think it was MS. As I said before my feet tingle sometimes after running. Can anxiety really make things worse if you are looking for and focusing on all these symptoms? Docs say I'm fine, but I can't get it through to myself that I am.
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Q:Can anxiety really make things worse if you are looking for and focusing on all these symptoms?

A: Absolutely, with mental health causation the symptoms are still experienced but there isn't an actual organic or physical abnormality to explain the symptoms, the anxiety has basically created a physical component.

If your anxiety is focused on your health, your anxiety has you hyper focusing on something being seriously wrong and the more you worried you get, the more you pay attention and over read every sensation and the more convinced you get that something is seriously wrong.....

Hope that helps....JJ
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