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My biggest problem with the MS so far is the tiredness.... I can not hardly take it at times. This week for some reason has been worse. I slept yesterday until today for 13 hours. I then went to my kids bball games and came home and slept for three more. I could sleep now, but after typing this I have things I need to do. I take Modafinil 200 mg once a day and it helps most of the time (not yesterday or today).

Is this normal? I work full time and am always on the go. I know there was a great quote about once energy is spent it is gone... I need the energy. I have three children 12 and under.... aggghhh sorry for the pitty party. I am SO tired.
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Fatigue is one of my biggest problems, I wound up on Adderal, which helps more than anything else I have tried, but when I don't take it, then I have days of severe fatigue and sleep most of the day, hard with a puppy to housebreak!  But she's trying.  She's on the floor sleeping now and I should be joining her with a nap!

As Alex says, if you have family that can help, it can make a difference.  I spent the morning sleeping and DH took over the "piddle and poop" chores for me.  Finally a shower woke me up enough to eat and take over puppy chores and some laundry.

Its been so cold here, we went 22 hrs with no heat/electrricity with 17 degree temps and it brought on a flare that was unreal.  I was curled up in bed under 6 quilts.  We are finally getting the house warmed back up and glad to be warm, although some South of us are still without power and in shelters.

Hang in there, when you get tired, stop for awhile, rest, and then go on to something els, even if you have to set a timer!
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Also may be you need those around you to pitch in where they can to make things easier. I know that can be easier said than done with children. May be your family could stratogize in ways to help you. Then again may be that is not realistic in your situation.

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I know it sounds crazy but sometimes light exercise helps me. I have both MS and stage 4 Cancer and have a real issue with fatigue. If I walk my dog up the block several times a week it helps. I know with the kids you have a limited amount of energy to expend. But may be a little walking each day. If it makes it worse don't do it.  Everyone is different.

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No, Lisa, it does not sound at all ridiculous to me.  For a while, getting through one full shower was quite a challenge.  I'd often find myself leaning against the shower wall, resting a few minutes before rinsing.  Amantadine has helped me, but I am still on half the recommended dose, having experienced a bad overreaction the first time through.

We have a couple of teens in the household.  One's really an adult, but the other one is the one we can't turn our back on.  Shall we agree to pray for each other?
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Thank you so much for all of the comments. I think I have figured out why the fatigue became worse... I started a new medicine for cholesterol. I did not relate the new episodes of tiredness and dizziness to the medicine. I skipped a day and did not have as many problems.

I am keeping you all in my prayers. At my church the other day the preacher was talking about the power our tongue has and I have been trying to think positive! I know it is hard when you feel like you are swimming up stream at times... but I am going to try!

Thank you again!
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That is my biggest complaint.  Fatigue/tired/ dragging my a$$. :D

Sometimes the fatigue is so bad, I can hardly stand up to hold my own weight or while standing in shower lifting my one leg to shave my calf.  Sounds ridiculous huh?

In the beginning (4 years ago) I used to have days where I would sleep very long...Do a bit around the house and find myself looking for my bed needing to sleep again.  I wasn't sure if that was the mono I had or remnants of it or whatever.  

I am sure there are many many many people here and who are not here on this forum that can relate to what you experience.  

Kudos to you with young kids and a job!?!  I'm so afraid to get a job, committing to something I can't say I'll be there every
time they schedule me. (like calling in sick when Im too fatigue/weak or experiencing pain).  The next thing that comes with excessive absences is termination of employment.  

I admire your stamina or determination.


It's always there for me...it just fluctuates on how bad it is.
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Fatigue is my biggest issue as well although it is much worse during summer.

An occupational therapist gave me some tips and they involved sitting to do as much as you can (ironing, food prep, hair/makeup, etc...).

She also recommended two naps a day which is not possible when you work full time but maybe on weekends?
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Sounds pretty typical to me. I have slept 18hrs numerous times.

Put the kids, baseball & work on top of that , I would be comatose
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Sorry to hear of your sever fatigue. You certainly live a very busy life! Is there any possibility you have an underlying infection, UTI or cold,etc, currently a flare can cause an increase in fatigue.

I hope things improve for you. Fatigue is my most bothersome symptom as well.

Take care,
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