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To Our Birthday Girl "GoofysMom1" Happy Birthday to a Special Lady

I wanted to wish you a Very happy Birthday, and also make sure you know that you are being sent many Heart-Felt Best Wishes for a day filled with all the Love, Laughter and Joy you deserve...

Have a Great Day, eat an extra piece of cake for me (Please), may you feel the love filled hugs I am sending your way.
May you start to feel better very soon, and may things continue to improve for you with everyday that passes..

Much Love and Many Hugs to Our Birthday Girl {{{{{~!~}}}}} DJ
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Happy Birthday!  Libras are always amazing!  

Do something fun for yourself!

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I am a Virgo, but I still think Libra's are some of the best people I have met.  Happy Birthday sweetheart and hope you have a wonderful day.  A very Happy Day.

the "other" Heather
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More wishes from here for a happy happy day and many more to come.

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Giving a shout out....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

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Thanks for the wishes everyone!  Birthday cake, yep....Ice cream, yep....favorite food for dinner, Pizza, yep....going to be a good evening!     :)

Also celebrating with my first Acupuncture appt. today - hoping it goes well!


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Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Chrisy, happy birthday to you...

and many more,


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We're on pins and needles, waiting for you to say
How your accupuncture was on this special day.
May your birthday be bright and merry
and your future full of days light and airy
And you keep smiling, come what may!

Happy Birthday!  I'll be waiting for the report.

be well,

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Hope your BD is a good one..

take care and have some fun

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Thanks for the wishes and the poem!  I got flowers AND a poem today - what a great birthday!!

I will let you know how the acupuncture goes.

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Happy Birthday...hope you have a GREAT one!

Lots of Hugs,
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Happy Birthday, Chrisy!  I think I'll have pizza tonight to help you celebrate!

It sounds like a great plan for a great day; hope the acupuncture is a success, the pizza , ice cream, and cake are all delicious.

Happy Hugs,

Kathy  :o)
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I hope you have a great day filled with all of your favorite things!

Have an extra scoop of ice cream for us.


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Hi Chrisy,
Happy Birthday, I hope you have a super, super birthday.  I hope that this birthday year brings happiness, good health (or better health) and all your dreams come true.

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Thank you to all of you for your birthday wishes!

The acupuncture went well!  I don't know if it is "wishful thinking", but my hip feels better (not 100 % but better) just from one treatment.  My new acupuncturist is a neat lady, very kind and gentle.  No one would ever imagine that having 20 or so needles being poked into you would be relaxing, but it was!  I think I actually snoozed for the 20 or so minutes that the needles were in...  :)

It is great because she is in the same office as my naturopath, so she spoke to my naturopath before I came in & so she was familiar with my history - but she still spent 2 hours with me!  Plus after I was done, my naturopath checked in with me to see how I am feeling - with the supplements and how did I feel about the acupuncture.

So I am hopeful & excited that this natural way may be some help to me.

I also decided that rather than cake & ice cream...it is going to be MUD PIE for dessert tonight!  :)

Hope all of you have a wonderful evening!

Lots of hugs & I feel blessed to have such a wonderful group here!

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Chrisy, Its good to hear you were relaxed with the accupuncture - I find it very soothing too and usually fall asleep during the treatments.  I just wish I could afford to go more often.  Whether it is a placebo or not, it is still effective if it makes you feel better.  I consider it very helpful for my conditions.  

As for the mud pie, would you save a piece for me?  I just ate my ice cream and am a bit full right now so I couldn't possibly eat anything more at the moment!

Happy birhtday again!
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