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Too many questions

I've got so many questions.  I'm having an MRI tomorrow (today technically as it is after midnight!).  Assuming that I have MS and it shows, will an MRI be enough to diagnose me?  I have told the doctor of virtually every symptom known to MS--I think I've had about 95% of the symptoms.  [I've not had the MS hug but if it can feel like a baby shoved up under the rib cage pushing outward on the chest bones, then I've had that too.  I've also had serpentine-like muscle twisting of my back near ribs that hurts--I don't understand the 'hug' thing.]

I am bursting at the seams wanting to say, "Is this a sign?"  "Is that a sign?" and I'm trying to be patient.

I do have a question, my left great toe was twitching nearly nonstop last week when I was having a bad ordeal and having trouble thinking and seeing. Is this a sign?

Sometimes I can barely feel touch and other times it hurts to barely be touched.  For weeks on end, I was holding my head sideways while I worked at the computer as that was the most comfortable for seeing one picture and understanding what was going on.  It lessened my vertigo.  Now I get vertigo when I hold my head in that position and I feel only discomfort from holding my head sideways--like one should.  Of course I am glad that I can work upright now, but the change is confusing.

So pray for me to have a good and proper diagnosis whatever the case may be.  Thank you.
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I typed an entire answer then the Medhelp gremlin took it away, so I'll start over.

All of your symptoms do occur in MS and an MRI could be the final piece to the puzzle. Just remember,  MS is a disease of exclusion. Has your neuro done testing to rule out mimics?

Don't panic if the MRI isn't classic for MS, mine wasn't either. My neuro treated the symptoms as he continued testing for mimics. I had every test known to man. Finally,  a consultation with an MS specialist and a year later, I received my diagnosis.

You may not get your diagnosis from the MRI. It's a big let down but if there are mimics left to test for ,then they need to be done so the correct treatment is given. After all of my testing, MS was the only one left standing.

We have a Health Page on this specfic topic. The Health Pages can be found at the top of the page next to the yellow icon. They contain a wealth of information on a variety of subjects. Below is the link to the specific page on mimics.


I know you are anxious for a  diagnosis. Everyone is anxious to get anwers to what is wrong. I hope your anwers are in your MRI. Good luck!

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Dear Rendean:

Thank you so much for your response!  It was very infomative.  My nervousness about being diagnosed will continue.  I'm not even seeing a neurologist.  I am seeing my PCP at the VA.    I went in because of blackening of my vision.  Not a new symptom but one that this time seemed to warrant looking at--this time I did not have a headache, so I was scared by it.  

The list of diseases you sent me the link to are very interesting.  I really do not see any other category that I fit into nicely.  

Ophthalmologist said Monday he did not see optic neuritis.  He said there was no uhh, dullness or blanching or forgot what he exactly said (argh) but he did not see signs and had no explanation for why things go gray or black and my vision diminishes periodically only be restored within days.  It occurs in both eyes, so that is confounding evidently.

Wish me luck! and thank you again for your response. I'm definitely praying for a speedy response of yea or nay and a direction to go in.


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...and the MRI was rescheduled for next Thursday.  Gee whiz!  
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