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Transposing #s

Good afternoon everyone.  
I am a 33 year old female. I have been having daily numbness down the entire left side of my back since November.  Sometimes it last 10 seconds and others 10 minutes.  Some days it happens more than others.  I can tell that when I am out and about it happens more often and lasts longer.  My regular doctor said its probably just a pinched nerve and put me on an elephant dosage of steroids.  I had the numbness and tingling the whole week.
I am having several other symptoms that a nurse friend of mine said with the numbness could be MS.  
I have epilepsy so I have a neurologist that I have an appointment with next week..
My question is: I know that visual disturbances are a symptom... Has anyone had any problems with transposing #s?  I can read words just fine, but when it comes to entering or writing down numbers I mess up all the time!!  3702 ends up being 3072 or 606 ends up being 060.  I told my reg dr about it and she told me to get my eyes checked and the other 20 things were probably just my thyroid...
A lot of the time I say the # as I am entering/writing it. I speak it correctly but write it down backwards and other times I just see it backwards.  
Does this sound familiar to anyone else?
I am very much concerned about this...  I want to be prepared for anything.
Thanks to all for your time.
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Welcome to our MS forum. We hope you'll feel comfortable here.

It's good you're going to see your neuro soon. Be sure to tell him/her about all your new symptoms, when and for how long they happen, and how long this has been going on.

Getting words and numbers mixed up often happens with MS, but this is a brain problem, not an eye one. Your eyes see the right thing--it's your brain that scrambles it. Getting an eye check (from an ophthalmologist, not an optometrist) is always a good idea. Also, if nothing shows as abnormal, ask your neuro for a referral to an MS specialist. I'm hoping that won't be necessary, but as you say, being prepared is all to the good.

Please let us know how you're doing.

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For me it's not just numbers, it's also letters, whether I am typing or writing by hand.

I will also garble syllables when I speak!

Definitely something going on in this pea brain of mine!
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It's amazing how many different people with MS report this same exact problem.  There's something in how MS attacks the brain - the language center is definitely affected.

Letters and numbers are transposed quite often with me, as well as whole sentences - I have to look carefully at what I type to make sure it makes sense.  Also, people with MS often have a hard time with nouns in their speech - not being able to identify objects, or calling it by the wrong noun.  TV instead of fridge, for example, or microwave instead of oven.  Sometimes it's in the same category.  When I've been really bad off, I'll tend to call things by another word that has some of the same letters.

Your back numbness is an indication of something, possibly a pinched nerve.  However, it could also be a lesion in the spine.  See if your neurologist will schedule you for an MRI with contrast of the brain and spinal cord, preferably 1.5 Tesla or above.  Even if it's just a pinched nerve, the radiologist will be able to see what's going on.
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You know, I do mis pronounce words, and when I am reading I find myself looking at words not knowing what they are because in my mind I am emphasizing the wrong syllable or pronouncing them wrong~ (obliged was the word the other day)...  Words that I've known forever, but the most frustrating for me is forgetting common words and standing there in front of whoever i am speaking with stuttering trying to think of,  'you know that word that means __BLARG__' .    They're like brain farts on steroids!!  
This has gotten really bad over the last 3 months.  I sat at the kitchen table w/ my 13 yr old last night spending 10 minutes trying to come up w/ the word discipline.  I couldn't even come up w/ any synonyms so she could help me pin point the word.  
I suppose I have just been chalking it all up to 'Momma's getting old'
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I thought that was something that came with being 33 and having a 13 year old.

Try being 53 & having a 14 year old stepson. ;>)

Glad you're going to get it checked out.  Good advice from all of the above.
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Anyone who becomes dyslexic-ish as an adult, needs to have their head examined (lol) by a neurologist. You say you are epileptic, is this also adult onset or childhood, either way though your epilepcy could be a factor in whats happening mentally, and needs checking out. I'm unsure if epilepsy also could be a factor in the physical side of things too but it makes sense to me that it could.

I just had a mental moment talking to my mum about childhood diseases, i mentioned how common chicken nuggets use to be, seriouly i couldnt for the life of me work out what was so funny, ahhhhh i did mean to say chicken pox ROFL!

I've been getting more and more scrambled lately though i dont transpose, just loose my nouns, memories and executive functions, which is enough lol.

Go see your neurologist and dont leave anything out, it would probably be a good idea to list everything that is happening but keep it brief and if needed give a simple explanation.

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about 1/2 the time I'm writing I forget the noun and my spelling is going down hill. sometimes when I read, I'll be stuck on a word because I don't remember what the syllable is.

I also garble syllables when I talk and/or use the wrong word like I'll get dinner out of the table. or calling close pin a paperclip. needless to say my kids have been giving me some weird looks or start laughing (they don't laugh unless I am) lately.

I'm in limboland now. I'm going to a neuro may 13. hopefully he can start putting my sx together and figure whats going on
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My biggest problem in writing for the past couple of years comes when I am thinking of one word and type another that sounds the same but is very different, such as "there," "their," and "they're."  I know the difference, absolutely, and I find my patience tested with seemingly otherwise educated people who do this all the time, yet I am now finding myself doing it -- all the time.  The really odd thing is that I can see myself doing it, every time, and have to back up to correct myself.  I never had this problem before, at least not since junior high school.  Grrr.  Maybe it comes from being 53 & having a 14 year old stepson.
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I do transpose numbers but it doesn't bother me. when I'm typing or writing and my brain is saying one thing, yet my fingers seem to have a mind of their own and put something else down. Most the time this is funny to me, but I've started getting a tad concerned when my mouth does this too.

I get frustrated when looking like an idiot trying to come up with a word I can't find. made motions and even sounds sometimes before I finally get the word. thinking of the word fork?  pointed fingers and stabbing motions. one thing to do this with friends and laugh but at work it irks me.

Thought is was being 50. Ok,so it started 10 years ago. now it happens more often. Yes, I sometimes wonder if its dementia like my mom had but there is nothing I can do about it other then laugh.
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I've been having seizures since I was about 4 or 5.  Simple partial and complex partial... no one ever knew what it was so family drs just dertermined that Amanda was weird and I went unmedicated for 15 years.  I started taking meds in 1997.
The seizures are for the most part controlled except for my 'happy time' of the month.  I have noticed in the last few months I have had more and more partial seizures.

I suppose I am just really angry w/ my primary doctor... If I all of a sudden dropped to the floor and delivered a litter of puppies she would suggest we up my thyroid meds.  Even though 1/3 my symptoms are hypo, 1/3 are hyperthyroid and the other 1/3 have nothing to do w/ a thyroid... the numbness thing and the vision thing, I can't breath sometimes...  I was cursed at birth in regards to the medical field in general!!  :o)  I very much dislike doctors!!
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I too have trouble thinking of words.

My wife usualy fills in for me if she knows what I'm trying to say, but it can be embarassing when talking with accuantances or strangers.

I also substitute the wrong word sometimes.

A big frustration is trhat I can no longer remember phone numbers.I was always good at remembering numbers until Feb '09 when I first knew I had a problem.

The old brain just doesn't work right these days. A couple months ago I had to call the local garage to see if our car was ready. I dialled the number from memory at least 6 times thoughout the day, and got a weird beeping noise each time. I was sure the lines were down.

Later the same day I suddenly realized what I was doing wrong. I was dialing my own phone number. At least I figured it out myself.lol

Remember doctors are people too. Some are caring and good at their craft, others are not. My brother-in-law has a theory that 10% of all people are a$$holes. This includes everyone, doctors too. (maybe the % is higher when it comes to neuro's..LOL)

Your primary dr may be one of the 10%........

You need to find a dr you can trust and depend on.

Good luck to you

Mike, dx ms
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