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Tremors anyone?

Have you lovely helpful people had hand tremors and all over tremors? You know it has happened to me so I want to kno if it happened to anyone.
Both hands, if my hand is in the one particular position that starts both hands to tremble. Like I am holding a spoon trying to take some soup or oatmeal and my hand starts to shake, tremble. I can see down the road item in the spoon may get catapulted across the room...This started in the last 6 months. 4 months ago I had an episode of all over tremble, legs  shaking in my pants and shoes. I slowly get to the kitchen and find protein hoping it will stop the shake and also give me something to focus on besides "oh my gosh "there's an increase in MS Activity.  Third all over tremor happened today. And as I said the hand tremor is there laying in wait for the just right way I hold my hand that starts this off. Anyone have this happen. Is there something yo do other than call the MD. Thanks to those of u busy people who may take time to share ur experience.  Nicky
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I have quite bad hand tremors and occasional all over ones, right hand much worse than left.    I can't remember exactly how long it's been going on but I think it has been since early 2012.  I do have a good size lesion in my right cerebellum which I'm guessing might be responsible.

I'm really self conscious about them as I worry that people will think I've been hitting the bottle.  
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I have essential tremor, which shows itself in my hands, and to a minor extent in my voice. This isn't an MS thing, as it started suddenly when I was in college, and MS didn't arrive till many years later. I've never had all-over tremors.

I used to be very self-conscious about my hands, and too, worried what people would think. Now with MS, I lurch occasionally because my balance is kaput. However, one good thing about getting old is that you realize that people will just have to think what they choose to, and no big deal. I also know that most of the time they aren't thinking about me or really noticing anyway. So age has its compensations :-)

But Nicky, why not just call the neuro? That's what they're there for. There are meds that often calm the MS tremors.

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Hey Nicky,

For me the tremors started about 3 years prior to my big bang of 09, it started off being only visible intermittently eg fatigue, heat etc but somewhere along this journey it stuck and i haven't stopped moving from head to toes for a couple of years now. When It was invisible and it was just the feeling of the tremor, which is really really hard to explain. lol It's visible now and i'd mainly describe it as a small rhythmic ripple with a little jerk that keeps repeating none stop but it escalates with activity, so the more I do the more pronounced it gets.  

I throw things, stab my self whilst eating, poke the kids or hubby in their eyes, scare the bejeebers out of son when i'm clipping his hair, I nearly cut his ear yesterday, ohhhh so close lol I have to move with conscious thought to minimise the mishaps, it's not an exact fix it but if i don't i'll usually do something i didn't intend to do eg throw the knife i'm using across the kitchen lol

Technically i can still say i wakeboard though after my last epic test dummy crash i'm not sure anyone will let me but anyhooo......I usually splat like someone doing a dead faint, it's because my strength has totally run out. Whilst i'm floating in the water i really can't move (dead fish impersonation) i've got nothing left but as soon as i'm back in the boat or back on land, the tremor starts rumbling and this is probably when it's been at its worst.

Strange feeling to be immobile in the water and then unable to stop moving when i'm fighting gravity again on land, water is peace land is um..... no comment lol    

"The two most prevalent forms of action tremor in MS are:

* Intention Tremor - tremor presents during target directed movements. Tremor amplitude increases during visually guided movement towards a target.

* Postural Tremor - tremor presents while voluntarily maintaining a position against gravity."



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Thanks for sharing ur tremor experience with me. It always feels better to kno u r not the only shaker in the world ( I thought it was an MS issue, but wasn't positive.) . I am sure u already try not to care what others may be thinking about u, but I know what u mean...I wonder what my neighbors must think when I take the dog out in the back yard and I am unbalanced ! I figure they may think I have hit the bottle. I go out there wearing sweatpants under a nightgown, covered by a big shirt and then my coat...very bag lady :) thanks for writing.
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Hi Ess, I am with u about one good thing about getting old (will turn 68 next month) is caring less about what other may be thinking about u.
I will call the neuro and I am overdue for seeing him. Thanks for telling me about ur experience, sounds like u have been dealing with it for quite a while.
Keep u posted, Nicky
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Hey JJ- I wasn't sure if ur name was JJ because I have seen the letter J used as a parting thingie in an email.  I thought it was part of a smiley face or something of that nature. My daughter in law signs an email using J.  Her name is Michelle.
Anyway ur post above, about tremors, was spot on and very helpful. And such a sense of humor u are blessed with.
For u, not being able to stop moving sounds pretty exhausting-understatement of the year-r u able to sleep? Perhaps a waterbed? Kind of kidding but not. I don't know what a wakeboard is :(. Kind of sounds like a driver test that u had and crashed into a "dummy" ? Guessing we hav a bit of a language barrier....But, I am with u on holding and dropping sharp knives...my kids r older so I am no longer cutting hair or ears. Things leap from my hands on a regular basis..glasses, cups, dishes.   Do u take MS meds? I do not..several months ago I started a muscle relaxer..helps all around but esp. Head, neck,body pain everpresent. Pain meds plus muscle relaxer= better pain controll.
Thanks u for your friendship! Thanx too for information about the diff kinds of tremors and URL for MS info.  It is 10am here in USA, Boston Massachusetts. Ok, it's 9:50 am to be more accurate.  Thanx again, Nicky
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