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UTI's common in ms but what about recurrent yeast infections

Hi everyone,, I know that UTI's are definately a problem in ms along with bladder and constipation issues, but I was wodering about recurrent yeast infections . Is this also something common in ms or not at all??

thanks Pamela
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Hi Pam,
I am pretty confident that the answer to that is no.

The bladder and bowel problems have to do with nerves not correctly firing to coordinate the muscles that are ultimately in control of emptying.  Throw in the drugs we take and that contributes to the problem, too.

A yeast infection has nothing to do with muscles and nerves.

That said, you could have recurrent yeast infections because of the antibiotics were are often on to treat the UTI's.  

hope that makes sense,
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I agree with Lulu, if you are taking a lot of antibiotics, then that can cause lots of  yeast infections. Diabetes can cause alot of yeast infections as well as pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my son I was a "walking yeast infection", lol I know that sounds funny but I had a yeast infection almost the entire time I was pregnant with him but I also had gestational diabetes which attributted to it.

Hope you find and answer to what is causing yours.

Good Luck,
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Thanks girls!! Lulu, yes that does make sense.. and Paula, you just reminded me of my sister, LOL, she had that same problem, and she said she was a "walking yeast infection" when she was pregnant also! Very funny, even though it definately does not feel too good. I have tried the over the counter inserts, they would go away and them one week later, it was back again. I am def. getting annoyed!!

I am at a loss as to why this is happening.. I honestly never had this happen for this long, on and off like this. It just doesn't make sense to me. I guess its time to call the doc........ again.........
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I agree with Lu.  And you're right too.  Get yourself to the box doctor to be checked out and make sure they look at a specimen under the microscope to diagnosis.  Not everything that seems like yeast, is yeast.  Sometimes you may need a different medicine than what you can get OTC - or longer treatment with a similar medication.

Hope relief comes soon.

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Oh God, I can't imagine what else besides yeast this can be 'AHHHHHHH" that's my scream LOL  No just kidding, you are right, if these over the counter meds are not fixing it , than its time for something else.. I HATE YEAST INFECTIONS!!!
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Have you been tested for diabetes?  If you get a lot of these, this could be the problem.  Sugar makes an excellent breading ground for yeast infections.
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Hi Deb, Yes I have been tested for diabetes. I had to do the 6 hr. test because my endo made me eat a big bowl of ice cream with a ton of choc. and caramel and sugary toppings and then draw my blood two hrs later. My sugar went down to 60. He believed that was why I have been sooooo fatigued and have to take naps daily.
My 6 hr. test proved otherwise. I am so glad it was normal.
I still dont understand why my sugar dropped after all of that sugar, but thank God it was just that time.
This is the first time in 2 years since my last yeast infection. I normally do not get these that often. For some reason, I cannot get rid of this one. It started at the end of July. I did the treatment and thought it was gone. In August, when it felt like it was starting again, I treated again. By Sept. it started up again, At this time, not only am i annoyed, but my hubby is too. LOL  October..... here we go again.!! Now i say, come on are you kidding me.. That's why I thought, hey, could this be something else I should be looking into, or not.
Thanks for your input. When i go to see my doc. about this, maybe she can fill me in as to why I can't get it to clear up.
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With all the talk of UTIs lately, I have what might be a dumb question. Do men with MS get UTIs also, or is this a female issue? Sorry if that is ignorant, but obviously with different anatomy, I don't know how much things carry over.
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MS (and other nuerologic ) related issues  strike men, sometimes in a different way.  If men have urine retention issues (or retrograde ejaculation - sorry ladies) there can be all sorts of issues.  Not necessarily bacterial infections, but epididymitis, cystitis, nephritis, urethritis, renal lithiasis, etc.  When the wrong fluid travels the wrong way or urine doesn't move out of the kidneys and bladder, men can have all sorts of issues "down there." that can cause a huge amount of pain.  

I have had 3 or 4 bouts of kidney stones in the pas three years, that were urate based.  People get them, but I have normal uric acid levels and no gout.    I never really considered that there might be a connection before.

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Hi. You should talk to your husband and have him tested for a yeast infection. Men can get yeast infections too and not be aware of it and spread it to their significant other. Good luck.
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