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Ulcers and swollen glands (Off topic)

Hi Guys,
I want your advice as you are such a knowledgeable lot of people! :-)

I keep getting really painful ulcers on my tongue, they are little white blisters, I assume they are ulcers and they make it difficult to eat and drink sometimes but whenever I get this I get swollen glands in my neck that are sore as well and often a sore throat.

This has been going on for months and months, they will come for a few weeks and go away and come back again. I wondered if it was my meds but I have STOPPED everything now for the last 3 weeks, I don't smoke, I rarely drink, maybe a glass here and there, it doesn't seem to be associated with food and my husband said that stress for a cause was cods wollop that they don't believe that theory anymore with ulcers.

Should I tell the doctor, I will next time I go but is it worth having a visit for? Is it anything to do with my wacked immune system, does anyone else have them and what helps.

Thanks in advance,
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Its sounds like thrush to me, I get it sometimes...I can't remember what caused it the first time, but now with inhalers I will get it  if I don't rinse with mouth wash thoroughly afterwards.

It will come back, but I just keep medicine on hand to use when I need to.  I went to my Dentist the first time, but the Dr would work too I guess.

just a thought, might look into it.

good luck with it...

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Thanks for the reply, I have to scoot to work now but I am pretty sure it's not thrush, one of my babies had thrush on her tongue etc. and this is more like slits in your tongue but they are white, I have been using mouth gargle stuff, I am sure they are ulcer things but I might be wrong, I guess it's a possability.

I get thrush from time to time, especially when run down in the other region, but I am pretty sure this is not thrush but I will look into it.

I could be wrong.
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r u taking any kind of medication??
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they mayb baterial viral or fungal or due to any medications?take brufen for pain n rinse the mouth with warm salted water 3 to 4 times a day....it would help...if it doent go for a checkup
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I get those as well. At least in my case it is from food. If I have too much acidic food (tomatoes) or too much spicy (chili) I get them. I just cut out the offending food for a while and they go away. Maybe you tolerance for some kinds of food has changed over the last few months or you have been eating more of something than normal.

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I get mouth ulcers and abscesses, for me its usually low in the gum line or the roof of my mouth and rarely on my tongue. I get them from for various reasons, what i eat does make a difference but then i'm a bit chemical/additive sensitive, even things like a new tooth paste can cause me to get ulcers.

I was thinking you could be describing a immune response to viral infections, because you say you usually get swollen glands and sore throat, though it seems doubtfull if its been going on for months on end. I"m not sure if i'm reading what you've said wrong, are you getting the ulcers, swollen glands and sore throat for a couple of weeks, then it goes away (on its own) for a few more, back again etc?

I think anything thats new should be brought to the attention of your dr, it could be viral or even a drug, some drugs can cause ulcers for weeks after you've stopped taking it, that is if its a reaction to a drug. Regardless of the cause, i have found the home remedies better than prescribed, why that is i dont know but i dont see drs anymore unless i cant get rid of it/them on my own.

As soon as i feel one, i mix a couple of tea spoons of sea salt with warm water and rince my mouth out repeatedly until the glass is empty, i do this at least 3 times a day. The small ulcers usually stop being irritating by the second day, gone by the third but i still do it for an additional day. With the golf ball abscess i had a month or so ago, i started rincing whilst i waited for the dental appt, it went away so i avoided getting it drained and being on antibiotics, which was wonderful. An old wifes tale that seems to work on my ulcers and abscesses, so i do recommed trying it, if it doesnt help no harm done.


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Sounds like apthous ulcers(aka canker sores) to me. My son gets them a lot. We were told it's an autoimmune issue (of which he has been dx). Spicy foods, certain toothpastes, mouthwashes, etc aggravate them. If he has a big crop, his lymph nodes do get swollen.

I would tell your doctor next time you see him just to let him know what is going on.

Sorry. I know they are painful.  I get them on occasion as well. I usually to a warm salt water rinse like JJ does.

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Thanks for the replies, yes JJ I get the ulcers on my tongue (not anywhere else) just on my tongue and my glands get swollen and my throat becomes sore, then they disappear only to return again.

To Dochiru I went off my meds due to constipation but unfortunately now I am off the bladder meds I am having issues again!! So I fixed one problem but the old one is back (groan)!  I was taking Vesicare for burning and bladder spasms and urgency and Gabapentin for nerve pain. Currently I am taking nothing at all.

There might be some food connection as when I do have a glass of champagne this seems to bring them out I thought, but then they come sometimes when I have done had no alcohol, I might go a month without an alcoholic beverage but then if we go out for dinner I will have a couple of glasses of wine.

Ren I am so sorry that your son gets them as they are not much fun. I will wait to I go to my doctor for something else and mention it, I am just over doctors visits at the moment..lol

Sounds like I am not alone with getting them (thanks Dennis), maybe I will keep a food diary).
Okies I will gargle gargle and more gargle with salt,

I knew you guys could give me some good ideas, Udkas
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they probably r the side effects of ur previous medication..try my solution n ull b better inshaAllah..regards
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