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Unexplained foot pain

I have had foot pain for over a yr. I've had x-rays, electromyleograms, taken gout rx, 2 different prs of orthotics and still no help. the left foot big toe joint gets these intensly shooting pains and worsens if I flex the toe. I take lyrica with no relief (150mgs 2-3 times daily). Told I have fibromyalgia.which I think is just a term for "no idea what is wrong with you". My sister was recently dx with MS, her only symptom was leg pain. Could I be developing MS like Montel Williams?
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I am not a doctor but about 4 years ago, I had foot pain as well, went to doctors, no reason for the pain,  lasted about 3 month then went away, then had first really bad bought of numbness and tingling in my one arm,no  diagnosis took place then, still off and on issues and finally got diagnosis of MS a few months ago.  I wonder if the foot pain was MS since nothing helped it then.  I get foot pain now so that is why I think it was MS related.
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I had surgery on my leg in dec. cuz I had twisted my knee late last summer and by oct part of my foot was numb but the tingling was from the side of my knee down to my whole foot. went to an ortho doc that sed it was my back (i have DDD) so had injection, "this will help with the back pain", told him I don't have any back pain, my leg is tingling and my feet hurt all the time and the top of my left foot is numb. waited 10 days for the injection to work, called them back for another appt. now its my SI joints so go in for another injection and a follow up appt to discuss my back pain (of which I'm not having any and my numbness and tingling is blown off yet again). 10 days later symptoms still there so I made appt, with neurosurgeon who tells me its not my back. DUH! He sends me to an ortho doc in his group that tells me its a Left Perineal Compression injury. By now its the middle of Dec. I have the surgery, numbness and tingling of leg & foot goes away, but I'm back to square one on the foot pain. When this all started (last March) the podiatrist insisted that the foot pain was neurological. Had an emg which the neurologist sed was neg and the foot pain was orthopedic in nature. She put me in orthotics which didn't help, made it worse. Then I went to a chiropractor that guaranteed results! Had a foot massage the first day which got rid of the toe pain. Went thru all the physical therapy and still got another pair of orthotics (which didn't work). Still have the foot pain and now the shooting pain in my left toe is back. It feels like someone is putting a taser to just that toe. It doesn't happen regularly and have know idea what precipitates it, usually happens at night and wakes me up like a jolt of electricity. Lasts about a minute and rubbing it makes it worse.
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