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Update, hugs, and happy hello's

To all my dear friends, I wanted to let you know how I was and check in and see how you all were doing! I know some may not remember me, but I haven't forgotten you!

I found this forum while in the testing phase of my health journey, as MS was on the plate for a while. Funny thing is, I got a diagnosis when I least expected it. I formally have a type of degenerative muscle and connective tissue disease, informally I've been told I don't fit in a box and they will keep treating all of the arising problems.

I'm thankful to say that on the health front, I have a team of five specialist that manage my care, with a cardiologist that takes the command and handles coordinating all my doctor's. this has completely changed my life, much for the better. I no longer have doctors all trying to do opposing treatments, with medications all contradicting each other and lab levels not getting checked.

I was finally given the green light this spring to attempt a three day hike in the Grand Canyon, best experience ever!!!!

Many hugs and best wishes for all of you on your journey.
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I just stuck a note on your mood asking for an update and then I found this here! It is always good to see you, my first MedHelp friend.  (sunnytoday was the first person to welcome me here in 2008!).

So you finally have a name for this, huh?  I'm glad and hope that the treatment makes a difference.  Are you still working in the medical field? I know the last we heard from you the job was going well.

Say hi to your parents - and please continue to stop through and give us an update.

lots of hugs back atcha!
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I thoroughly enjoyed welcoming people, I remembered how that made me feel "at home" when the same was done for me- you were a great supportive friend!

I'm still working happily in the medical field, and I have enrolled to go back to college to work on a Physician's Assistant degree. I want to be able to impact other's lives in this way, and am excited about it!

I will say hi to my mum, my parents are going through splitting the last few weeks and that's been a roller coaster.

You know I'm always a message away, and I'll stop by again sooner rather than later!
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Hi Sunny!

I'm so glad you are finally in a cohesive group working on your behalf. I hope you always stay inspired by helping others, and doing well with what you are given :)

Beautiful picture, and you look amazing!  Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and popping in to say hello!
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Hi neighbor!

I have been thinking about you! I am happy to hear that you are finally getting some help and co-operation!  Congrats on going back to school! I loved college so much that I started teaching it.
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Hey, welcome back!  I'm glad to hear you're doing well and being treated, even if it's only for symptoms.
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Hi Sunny, it's nice to hear from you.  I'm glad your doing alright and always nice to see a familiar old timer like us. Good to hear you have so many dr to help with your dx too

take care of yourself and stay in touch with us.
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Glad to hear from you and I am glad you had such a great trip.

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Oh man, by your message, I kinda wished I had "met" you sooner. You sound like such an inspiration!!  I loved hearing about the hike (I love to hike as well though I don't go much!) and so glad to hear that you are diagnosed and being treated.  

What type of disease do you have? What are/were your symptoms?

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Hey, Sunny!  Just reminded that, like LauraLu said, you were my first friend here on MH.  Happened upon this post, wondering how you're doing.  Looks like it's been a year since you shared.  I hope and pray that's because you're busy with good stuff and your health is not causing issues!  You were always the sunshine in this group, and I suspect you still are, just in a different group.
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PD nailed this one - I too hope that you are well, flourishing in school, and sharing your sunshine in other ways.  We do miss you around here, though. Check in and let us know how you are these days.

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