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Update and Thanks

Went to my neuro yesterday and he let me know that he doesnt believe I have MS at this point in time. However he will be getting another MRI because I had a small lesion on the right side of my brain ten yrs ago, and he wants to make sure nothing has changed.  He has given me ways to cope with my sxs, but really hasnt addressed the underlying cause of the sxs. I have decided that after I get this MRI and blood work back I may go get a second opinion due to me having no results in 10 yrs, and the sxs becoming unbearable at times.

I just wanted to give say THANK you to everyone who has given helpful advice on this forum over the last couple of yrs. I pray that each of you feel blessed and that you continue to be blessed even while working through MS.

God bless,
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Hey Kimberly, thank you for your kind words, wishing you well on your journey and hope everything works out for you!

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Great,MS imitates alot of diseases.
  what symptons do you have that origenly made you dr think you has ms.
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Tingling of legs
Numbness on one side of body
Dizzy spells that were intense
Concentration issues and memory issues.

At that time he determined it could also be because I was low on b12. But my symptoms continued even after the b12 was normal.
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Also just FYI I thought it was Lyme disease because I love outdoors. And after hiking I had a bullseye bite on my leg. But since I live in texas no one is willing to admit it could be.
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You can stay on the forum without a MS diagnosis. Getting treatment is actually as important as a diagnosis. It is nice to know why but but no one should suffer while waiting for a diagnosis. Having drugs for nerve pain or muscle spasticity will not harm your hope of a diagnosis.
True...but at the same time...I really don't have any sxs severe enough to where it effects my every day life. The only time it really gets to me is during my time of the month or when the barometric pressure drops really low.

I even have started checking into this and when the pressure drops under 1013 in a fast manner I notice I get headaches and other aches. Plus I become dizzy. I told my husband it is almost like I am a weather forecaster at times. I can tell you when it is going to rain based on my sxs.

Otherwise all my sxs are minor and dont cause me to much issue. I just wish I knew why they get so bad at times.
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