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Update on Alex

Hey forum family,

I just got off the phone with Alex herself, and she wanted me to let you guys know what is going on.  She made it thru the surgery and is now in her room.  She sounded a little groggy, and said she is uncomfortable (which I am sure is an understatement!) ... but sounded so much better than I ever would have expected this soon after such major surgery... this is one very strong woman... :-)

They were able to remove the mass, but had to also remove some bowel that it had been twisted around.  The mass is ovarian cancer ... but the doctors said she has an 80% chance of beating it.  With Alex, I'd say it's probably 99% - she's too much of a fighter ...

She will probably be in the hospital until Saturday, which will give her a chance to be sure her pain is manageable and that she is a bit stronger before she goes home.  In 6 weeks she will begin chemo, just in case there were any cancer cells left that they were unable to remove.

Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers ... I know she appreciates each and every one.  I am not sure when she will feel up to posting here herself, but I promise to keep you all updated as soon as I hear any more.

Bye for now,

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I hope we here another update again soon. Hugs to Alex.

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Please tell her that Jordan and I are sending many thoughts, prayers and hugs her way!  Wishing her the very best!
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sending best wishes ---  and maybe soon she will be back to  painting & riding  those horse when the time is right

take care
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Sending thought and prayers her way! Hope he has a speedy recovery from surgery!!!
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Please let Alex know I am thinking of her and sending cyber strength.  Thx for updating us Rita!
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Hi Rita,

Thank you so much for the update.  Please continue to send her our love, and hopes for a full and quick recovery.

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Thank you for the update -  Let her know her online "family" is thinking good thoughts and praying for her!

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That's good news :-)
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Bless you Rita for updating us all!
I'll keep the prayer going.
Blessings and prayers,
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I don't get on much but saw this and just had to write.

Please send Alex my best and I'm sending out positive energy and prayers along with everyone else. She is tough and I have no doubt that she will beat this. I'm just sorry that she has to fight yet another battle.

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Wow, I am speechless. Really.  This is not what I wanted to hear this morning. And I'm sure definitely not what Alex wanted to hear.  

She is a fighter.  A lot of this new journey & the outcome will be directed by her outlook.  If she keeps positive, then I really think she can beat the cancer.

Now I'm so glad she called the surgeon and told him about her symptoms and how it's the same for ovarian cancer. That extra little amount of time in there - who knows where else it could have spread.

Does she know, yet, what stage she is in for her cancer?

Thanks so much for the update Rita.  
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I hope to talk to Alex again this evening ... if she hasn't already been on here herself by then, I will definitely let her know how you all are thinking about her and praying for her.  I know she will appreciate it all ... :-)

You guys are awesome,
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Thanks for the update.  She is in my prayers this week.

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Rita, thanks for this info.  Please pass on my best wishes for a smooth recovery.  I am still kind of in shock that this has happened to Alex.  Can't imagine what she is going through.
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Thanks for the update. Please send all our love to Alex.

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I am saying many prayers.

Thank you for the update.
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Rest up and get well soon. I'm sorry to hear about the cancer, but glad to hear the prognosis is so positive. You have a strong spirit and wonderful attitude. After watching my mom and good friend go through this, I can tell you it makes a big difference. Hang tough. There is no doubt you're going to show that cancer who's boss.

Thank you to the OP for the update.
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Alex, we are thinking of you and holding you close. May you be  in good hands with the doctors and I hope you are able to rest and gather your strength.  hugs, L
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Many prayers and thoughts headed in your direction Alex.

The power of our "collective", our forum family, will uplift and strengthen you.
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Oh, she is one tough cookie. Thanks for the update.

Sending my thoughts and prayers her way.

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Rita,  Thank  you so much for keeping up updated.  I'm sad that it's cancer but those odds are really good.  Alex will beat this.  Saying more prayers for Alex.  Send her our love and gentle hugs.

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Thanks so much for the update on Alex. I will certainly continue to pray for her. Pleas continue to keep us posted and send Alex our love.
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Thank you so much for letting us know how Alex is doing, Sh!t though, this was so not the news Alex needed!! She is a fighter, never a doubt about that but this burns, truely burns that she has to fight this fight, too!

Please let her know how much she means to us and how much we await her return!

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Thank you so much for keeping us posted!
I will continue to pray. Send her all our love.
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