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Update on Consultants appointment

Well I guess I was a little frustrated.

I was hoping the consultant had arranged for me to see the eye specailist, we talked about this at the last appointment and felt it was a way forward to seek his opinion on botox injections to try and relax the muscle around the eye.

But he hadn't done this because my neuro had arranged for me to see a rehabilation Dr. And this is the sort of thing there dept. does. So the consultant wanted to speak to the rehab Dr so he didn't step on anyone toes. But he feels I would be better seeing the eye specailist and so do I. Partially because I can do this privatley, imediatley and also, of course because of the expertise, but now I have to wait until the consultant has spoken to her. My appointment to see the rehab Dr isn't until Nov 19th! This is too long as the double vision is becoming more constant.

This whole confusion has arisen because the neuro secretary went off sick and the appointment I had with him on the 22nd June the letters to the relevent dept. have only arrived this week. I have still not had my copy. And the rehab thing was in that letter.

I have to say though the consultant is lovely, I managed  to tell him about the episode of incontence I had before I swap to pregabalin and the fact when I urinate I only seem to trickle. For the moment he wants to see how I get on with the pregabalin at 400mg a day which I had been on for about 10 days and then review the water works problem.
He listen to everything I had to say and was not dissmive of anything. He could teach the neuro's a thing or two.

So for the momment it's wait a little bit longer.

What suprises me is, this consultant is prepared to treat my symptoms, my neuro refered me to him to do blood tests & offer a general medical opinion, He has suggest RSD. But my neuro, who I saw first has never tried to treat me only test me and has the strange opinion that there is a neurological problem, not RSD but dosen't know what it is. He wishes to continue seeing me. My next with neuro should be in appointment should be in December.


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I am glad that he listened to you, it can be troubling when one doc wants to wait to talk to another before they can make a decision. Can you not just make an appointment with the eye specialist on your own or do you need a referral? If you need a referral then maybe your PCP can give you one faster.

I understand him not wanting to step on toes of others but you can do what you can step on all the toes you want and need to in order to get the answers you deserve.

Good luck and keep us informed
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Thanks for reading my post.

Over here in the UK you must have a refferal to see a consultant (specailist). You could go back to your GP (PCP) but again the etiquette would stop them as the matter is being dealt with.

I think though, that if I 'm not happy with the decsion I can insist on seeing the eye specailist, but I would have to wait to see the rehab Dr first. So long delay.

But we shall see, hopefully they will agree on the matter.
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Sorry i haven't responded till now, i'm sort of confused and by all the steping on toes, its such a crock of do do and shouldn't happen in medicine, yet it so often does.

Tell me again about your issue with the eye, are you talking botox for a twitch/spasm or to help with the double vision? The first i get the second has me lost on how that could work, see told you i was confused. lol

I did see an add for some cosmetic thingy that you roll around your eye to help with wrinkles, said to be a botox substitute. The before shot looked like a month old wrinkly apple and the after looked like a deer in head lights, sort of startled because the skin was frozen. I'm thinking it might be worth a go, not sure how much good it would do for the my eye spasms but at least i'd look awake! lol

Sorry i couldn't say anything helpful, i'm glad your trying to work around the giant elephant (medical ego's) in the room and getting your double vision looked into privately sounds like it would be worth doing. I was suppose to see an optomitrist yesterday about my almost double vision but had to reschedule for wednesday. The neuro i saw (twit no 2) said it wasn't important, he only wanted to know if i was blind lol i so get the frustration of waiting for help!

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I have had pain on one side of my face for 9 months now. It is constant, it is like a quarter of my head around my right eye, and feels like that side of my head is swollen. My eyelid droops, and my lower face mildly pulls towards it and my right eye wants to turn in, hence the double vision. My interpretations is that all the muscles and nerves on that side of my face are pulling really hard to keep that eye straight! LOL. Infact it would appear to be some type of spasticity.

The botoxilin is injections around the eye ( deeper than the cosmetic type) to try and relax the muscles. The consultant wants me to see the eye specailist so he can give his opion as to whether these injections might be helpful.

Unfortunatley the consultant said it wont get reid on wrinkles :(

The rehab dr that the neuro has reffered me too does these injections in arms and hands rountinely for victims of strokes. Hence my GM Consultant would prefer me to see an eye specailist.

All good fun
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You paint a rather bizzar picture, sort of like twisting a rubber head, doesn't sound like your having much fun with that!! I have weird muscle behavior in lots of places, even in my face but nothing has dropped (only my glutamus maximus),  and nothing near what your dealing with. Just the left cheek muscle tightening on its own, tremor on the left side of my top lip is back with renewed vigor but still mild enough that its more annoying than noticable.

Then i have the static feeling around my right eye, i can ignore that one pretty much but it gets more active if i touch my face, then it feels like i've forgotten to take off half a face mask. All very weird and distracting when the bluming eye lid tremors are thrown into the party whilst i'm trying to sleep, lol no wonder its hard to sleep some nights.

I can totally understand about seeing an eye specialist that does this type of botox, the eyes are not the same as an arm or leg, so i'd be a little more comfortable with the eye specialist, but heck it still doesn't sound pleasant!


Let us know what happens!!

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