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VER test & unexplained unilateral loss of vision

I noticed a change of vision in my right eye in January.I have been to 4 ophthamologists' & a nuero-ophthamologist who could not explain the reason & could only correct the vision to 20/100 with glasses. It cannot be corrected with surgery & is not associated with any eye damage or disease.
I just saw a new neurolgist, as the 1st one would not look into the matter and had a VER -  Visual evoked response - test done yesterday. I know the results were different between the 2 eyes. Does anyone know what this test is for (what the results determine) or had it done? From what I have seen online it is a test for MS. For one eye the pattern was small waves & a slope upwards on @ a 45 degree angle with more small waves at the top, then a gradual slope down. The other eye started with similar waves then a sharp slope up & a sharp slope down (like an inverted V). Thanks!
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Hi Shannon, I had vision loss in both eyes last fall. I had a vision field test though. That determined a very specific vision loss with one quarter of each eye with no vision. I couldn't work, read or drive. They didn't think it was MS related but then I had an MRI and that led me to see a neuro. My vision took about 4 months to clear up in the best eye and I only have a tiny bit remaining in the bad eye, but that one took 6 months.

I agree that an MRI is very likely something you will have.

Best of luck,
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Hi, Shannon, Welcome.  The VER test may be the first of many tests, if MS is suspected.  Even though I have MS, optic neuritis has never been one of my issues.  I'm hoping someone else can chime in, here.

In any case, a MRI may be in your future.  Be sure your neurologist orders it with contrast.

Please have a look at our Health Pages (links on R side of this page).  Lots of good info, here.

Keep in touch,
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I did not have the VER only a VEP I am not sure if this is the same test or different.
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VEP and VER are the same test. What they measure is how quickly the optic nerve responds to stimulation. If there are lesions on you optic nerve your response time will be slower.

Do you have any other symptoms? I agree with GG in that it may be time to look beyond the optic nerve to find out what's going on.

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Hi Kyle, GG & Corrie,

Thank all of you for your replies!  The reason I had the VER test is because my MRI did not reveal a reason for the vision loss. It was about the same as one done in 2011. However, I am waiting to receive a copy of a MRI I had done in 2005, that I know was different from these two.  The reason I have had so many tests done is because I have had other symtoms that could lead my previous neurologist to a diagnosis of MS. As Corrie mentioned the loss of vision has a huge impact on your life, so I have spent a great deal of time trying to find a nuerologist or specialist, who will investigate this issue. Corrie, I am glad to hear that your vision did return! That does give me some hope.  Hopefully when I get the results, I can post an update with good news. GG - I have started reading some of the Health Posts, as you suggested. Thank you all & have a great weekend!!  Shannon
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I received the results of my VER test, which were abnormal. My right eye was 116.8 & left was 113.3. According to their system, it suggested involvement of the optic nerve in the right eye & the left was approaching the upper limits of normal. I am hoping the left eye stays where it is! My neurologist made an appointment with a Neuro-Ophthamologist at the University of South Florida, who is regarded as  a leading specialist in this field. Unfortunately, from what I've found online there is not much they can do, but I hope I am wrong. Thank you all for your support & enjoy a safe 4th of July holiday! Shannon
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