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Nominated???  Oh Boy, Super_sally888 sounds likes she has some great tips.  I will get all of my info. out and do the best I can, but I nominate SuperSally as backup.  

*Weigh-ins every Monday before we eat. (Don't weight yourselves throughout the week, because your weight will fluctuate & if you aren't seeing the results you want, you are likely to give up or give in to cheating).

*Get a tape measure and measure your body.  Chest, waist, hips, thigh, and upper arm.  Write these measurements down.  This is the best way to test if you are getting smaller.

*Attempt to get some exercise, anything that you can honestly do.  Try, try, try.  Push yourself a bit harder, and you can rest afterwards.

*Aerobic exercise is great for the heart, but did you know that you burn more calories by using weights?  The reason is, when you weight train, your body continues to burn more calories than normal EVEN WHEN YOU ARE DONE, all throughout the day.  Your body is trying to repair itself from the breakdown of muscle.  Plus your skin & body looks much better when it is supported by muscle tissue.  When you only do aerobic exercise, you burn while you are exercising & then you stop burning as soon as you stop.  You also can begin to burn muscle if you use aerobic exercises for more than 30 min.

*Women will not get HUGE muscles like men do by using weights 3 times a week.
Muscle takes up 1/3 of space as opposed to fat, yet it weighs 3 times more.  So measuring is more effective than weighing.

*Eat as many fruits & veges as you want.  Fish too, not fried!  Whole wheat is best for  bread, but not too much (remember check the ingredients--they put high fructose corn syrup in many whole wheat breads now).  I really believe this one ingredient  alone is causing significant harm to American's bodies.

*Give up the soda, even diet is bad for you.  If you drink fruit juice (again check the ingredients!), use is sparingly because there are a lot of calories and sugar in them. Have an apple instead.  

*Try to eat "real" homemade food if you can.  It is much healthier, and takes better.

*Do not eat margarine, it is terrible for your body to try to digest.  Eat real butter instead, your body can digest this.

*Milk, yogurt, cereal are all pretty good for you.  

*Try to stay away from processed foods, especially "fast food", potato chips.

*Don't always go for health bars (look at the calories & the ingredients), sometimes you will be better of with a snickers or payday .

*Yes, we must still have our ice-cream somedays in moderation, just make sure it is real, like Bryers natural.

Any comments???   Please let me know.  I have lots of info. in my books & I have Gillian's new book from the "biggest loser" too.
Till then, Terrie
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I am going to go to the grocery store and make a list of good foods that do NOT contain the "high fructose corn syrup".  I will post asap.  

Since we are just getting started, I think we should try to eliminate all the "bad" stuff from our cupboards.  I know this is hard, especially if you have husbands, wifes, &/or kids.

Start planning for when you get hungry again, because you will!  Make something ahead of time, slice up cantelope, and refrigerate for easy grabbing.  Keep grapes on hand.  

If you eat salad, watch out for the dressing!!! and skip the croûtons.
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Here is a free website that offers much info. including recopies and calorie counting.

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  Great idea!  I have lost 40 lbs 2X and recently dropped 20. The real problem for me wasn't losing the weight it was changing my eating habits over the long term. I always get sucked back into the fold. I'll have a few chips today, and a few more tomorrow, and before I know it I have the whole 15 serving bag in front of me and I'm going to town on it. Chips are my weakness.

  Again, great idea.

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Ahhh, the chips, so crunchy, so salty, yummm.  I know.  Chips & soda are probably the absolute worst thing you could eat.  Are you craving them at work, at night?  Try to figure out what makes you want them.  Do you buy them at the grocery store or in a vending machine? Sounds like it must be at the grocery store if they contain 15 servings. If at the grocery store, make sure you eat a good meal before shopping and pass the entire aisle with the chips, its a bad aisle.  If you can have the willpower while shopping, they won't be handy & in the house.  If you are getting them at work,that will take more planning & strategy.  I wish you luck.  My downfall is ice cream and cookies.
I have to keep them far far from me, or I will devour them.
Let me know how you do, Terrie
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Hi Terrie,

Reckon you and I read the same books. :)   I will gladly second you.

On the weight training:  aerobic exercise is great and necessary for the heart and this must be done.  

However, for people with MS or other chronic conditions I believe that weight training is equally as important (or maybe even more important).  It is critical for us to maintain as much strength (increase if possible) to maintain mobility!  Key muscles are the trunk, arms and shoulders, and leg muscles (hahaha... that's everything! :))  seriously, mobility is a big issue for some people who have MS and maintaining leg strength is critical.  Initial exercises can even be working against body weight (if necessary) and then building up to weights.

Another is to work on balance.  Even with MS issues balance can be improved.

Terri, I guess between you and I we could answer people's diet queries....

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I totally agree with the importance of the muscle strength.  I think for most people it is more important than aerobic exercise. It can make you breathe hard too.  Exercise of all forms make you feel good afterwards also, as long as you don't overdo it.  Mentally, I am talking about.  It is the best RX for depression.  So I know it is hard to start up an exercise, but boy do you feel better once your done.  
If anyone has issues or questions, it looks like Sally & I (Terrie) will be here to attempt an answer.
Now, I must get off my butt and move....
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South Beach Diet says to eat dessert EVERY DAY....therefore it is my new favortie diet!!  I went on it in January and lost 12 pounds in two weeks (and secret - I didn't follow it completely * I was a cheat!) The book outlining SBD can be purchased at Target for like $5.  I think it is a great read.  Even if you don't follow the diet, there are great nutritional tips in there!  Like what certain things do to the body, how your cells use certain foods etc.  I have always been opposed to low carb diets, however with this one you don't actually count carbs.  There are still carbs consumed, just the useful ones!  ...love it!

...off to ice skating!

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I have recently discovered microwave bags that I can fill with fresh or frozen veggies, add a little seasoning and take a really fast, simple, inexpensive, tasty, healthy lunch to work. Starbucks is now at my grocery, so I treat myself to a cup of coffee (hot or iced with a little 1/2 & 1/2) and fill my mouth with a good taste while I shop. It is an indulgence that makes me less likely to buy junk. The old advice of shopping the edges of the store is good, too. Breads, produce, meats and dairy!  
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Wow!! It looks like we made the right choice with Tonka as our leader and Sally to back her up!!!  You gals ROCK!!  I appreciated all the info and am planning on putting it to good use!

Good nutrition really is sensible but it is so easy (like Johnny said) to get caught up in the chips and treats!

Thanks again to you all for helping me get going on this!  It is nice to focus on the positive side of my disease process - like getting to know you all!

Take care and have a good night sleep!!
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Hey guys and first off...good luck to all of you.

I just wanted to add something regarding the milk / yogurt / dairy thing. I used to consume huge amounts of skim milk and dairy products daily and even though I've always had bad sinus issues I simply could not let go of my milk and cheese.

Well, once I started to get sick with these symptoms and was given several books to read (I strongly recommend Braggs Lifestyle Books which you can Google and get the e-books for free) and spoke with my Holistic Dr. I made a decision which I believe changed my life for the better.

Let me first say this;

1) Humans are the ONLY mammals that continue to drink milk once weaned;
2) Dairy increases mucus production, decreasing the efficiency of the lungs;
3) It also increases yeast production and slows and inhibits the body's ability to remove waste matterial efficiently.

Let me issue a challenge then; stop drinking milk and consuming dairy products (butter, milk, cheese, yogurt) go at least 2-3 months and then have a glass of milk. Your body will answer all your questions.

I've replaced dairy with olive oil instead of butter (great on toast with garlic and freshly cracked black pepper). Nut milks (almond, hazelnut) or potato or rice milk and fruit smoothies instead of yogurt.

It's a simple change to make but one that has so hugely changed my life and how I feel that I know I can never go back to how I was before. If anyone has any questions, please ask or again, read the Braggs book at least. I can promise that it will change the way you look at things and the way you live your life and what you put into your body.

I hope this helps anyone,

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Your advice is all good,I quess the key to all this is moderation in what we pick and choose to eat especially processed foods,

I very seldom eat frozen foods,not a big milk drinker unless its yogart drinks,do like my coffee and soda's but water is best.

Most of my foods are fresh and meats I'm picky on which stores I buy from.I want them steroid and antibiotic free,so I choose a local meat market.

I do go to a fitness center 5 days a week as aerobics is out of the question with my leg braces.After an attack in June and I had extreme muscle weakness and loss(do to steroids),I done physical therapy and gained nothing,but the fitness center has been a blesssing and I have gained some muscle back and gained my weight back.Went from 116 down to 104.Now I'm at 119 and feeling good.I've not gained much leg strength back but I'm not losing it either.

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All this advice sounds great.  I'm doing pretty well I think.  I'm writing down everything I eat and it's helping me to make healthier choices by writing it down and then getting it.  I do exercises everyday but then I do PT 3 times a week.  Today I went 40 min. straight before resting.  It wasn't anything too hard but it was continuous.  

I work mostly on the things you all suggested and that was leg strength w/weights, balance, and light strength training.  I was tired but actually felt better than usual.

I haven't measured myself yet because I still can't find my tape measure.  I know it's around here somewhere.  I did weigh in though and it was very depressing.  I will be working very hard on this and I really think that this time I will succeed  because of all of you.

I hope everyone else is as excited about this as I am.  I also wish everyone the best of luck.

I'll be praying,

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I agree if you are having dairy issues to lower your dairy intake, ***However, please be aware that milk provides necessary vitamins, such as Calcium which is extremely important for our bones.  Calcium also helps ward off kidney stones, which believe me are extremely painful.  The latest studies also suggest that those who drink milk helps them to keep a healthy weight.  Ice cream also has dairy in it, YUM! Milk helps us to digest and keeps our metabolism in line.  Check the front label to make sure the milk doesn't contain the "growth hormone" for the cows. It will say on the front if it does not.

***Some of The very best foods on earth to eat for your body***
REAL PEANUT BUTTER,  freshly pressed peanuts or the old fashioned kind that you have to mix up.
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Hi Carol,
as you are already working with a PT, she/he would be the best one to guide you on appropriate exercise.

Great on being able to do it continuously for 40 minutes.  That is the key.... even low intensity, but build up some endurance.  Even with MS, this is possible.  Of  you have to work around flare ups etc.

Don't worry too much about your weight for now.  Ok!?!  It took a long time to put on and it will take time to take off.

A target weight loss would be something like 1 - 2 lbs a week.  However, if  you don't lose every week, that is also ok.  Focus on the healthier food choices and the activity and the weight loss will surely follow.

I think many sources on line for working out food options and heathy ways of cooking delicious foods.

Have a great day.

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Hello, I am glad to hear that you are excited and already on the ball.  Are you using ankle wights?  You can strap them on and do some leg lifts while sitting and watching TV.  If you don't have a tape measure, than you can find some string and just measure your waist for now & cut it, and keep it until next week to see if you are shrinking.  Good luck and God Bless you, Terrie
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***Did you know that frozen veges are usually better for you than those found in the aisle?
The reason is that it is picked and frozen quickly which seals in all of those delicious vitamins.***

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In 2003, I weighed about 235 lbs. My sister talked me into following her diet. (the points one)
Well, I couldn't stand the meetings and did it online for a few months.

I decided this was way too much money, so I "hit the net" and did it my own way.

I ate:

All the fruit and veg's I could
Egg beater breakfast sandwich- (eggbeaters w.bacos, onion, real cheese slice, 2 slice diet bread)
Air popped Popcorn!! I added flavors like chili powder, fake butter spray
Fat free hot dogs- 2 dogs, 2 diet bread-not rolls
Fat free bologna- 3 slices, 1 slice real cheese, 2 diet bread
Diet yogurt
Diet wheat bread (lot's of it, too! sometimes 6+ a day)
Chocolate vita muffins (I love them, hubby hates them)
Fish, chicken breasts
White Chili with Chicken (a packet mix-you add chix,beans and water)
Diet Nacho's- reduced fat nacho chips, fat free refried beans, fat free sour cream, real cheese,salsa

I would wash the dishes directly after eating dinner. That way, I would distract myself from eating more and give my body the chance to feel full.

Sundays after church, we hit our favorite breakfast "all u can eat". I would eat whatever looked good..and lot's of it! That was my reward for being a good girl all week.

I would do little "cheats" every other day- like a candy bar. I wanted to avoid my body going into a weight loss "rut".

Salads- if you want dressing, have it on the side and dip your fork into it- then take a bite.

Overall, I think being easy on yourself is important! If I made a mistake, I quit eating it, chose something better and moved on.

BTW...I was always eating! It was normal for me to eat 6-8 pieces of diet wheat bread a day.

It took me about 11 months to loose 100 lbs. I ended up at 118 lbs four months later, but decided to gain 20 back! My face looked so bad, and all my bones were sticking out. 118 lbs was my "Ideal Healthy Weight" on the doctor's charts. NO WAY!!!

Thanks for reading!
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Yes, I do use ankle weights.  I have been for about 2 months now.  My boys are amazed at how I can do leg lifts.  We have contests to see who can hold their legs up the longest and I always win.  They are both football, baseball, and basketball players.  Very athletic.  I like to brag about that a lot.hahaheehee

Do you think that drinking 4 or 5 glasses of tea w/real sugar, is keeping me from loosing?  Because other than that I eat pretty healthy and not a whole lot.  Plus I exercise every day.  I think I'm more addicted to tea than I am my pain pills.lol  I know I would go through worse withdrawals if I had to quit.

Thanks and I'll keep on praying,
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Wow....that is so much to lose.  What a great story except for you becoming too thin.  Did you put some more pounds on to look better?  Were you weight training in order to keep you shape?  Thank you for the tips.  The doctor charts are not specific for everyone obviously.  People should look healthy, not thin.
Cheers!  Terrie
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I gained 20 lbs back right away! I was not happy, comfortable or "padded" enough at my ideal weight. I'm 5'1 (and a half!). It was fun gaining the weight back...and boy did I look better! My husband was very happy to boot. I was always a big girl, so being that thin was shocking to me.

I tried working out for a few months, but it took the life out of me. Mostly, I just worked in the garden. My toddler (at the time) was keeping me busy, too.

Take care!
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