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Vancouver here we come !!!!!!!

Well, tomorrow will be a very long day.  We will be up at 5 am to catch the 7am ferry, ( and hoping no wind storms or it will be cancelled), then 1 1/2 later we arrive in Vancouver for another 1 hour drive to the UBC MS clinic.  Then at 10 my day actually begins.  It will be 4 different appointments to see if I am NORMAL or not.... LOL   ( I tend to think NOT , ) but what the h**l do I know......  Anyways, we are hoping for some DMD instructions, and to see if there is someething else we can do.  Because of my age ( which I think is BUNK) , they say no Copaxone or anything like that, because I also have depression, and they way it will make it worse.  ( not liking that to much) .... so, maybe other than those types of drugs, we will find one that might work for me besides just 2400mg. of Gabapentin, and muscle relaxants, ( flexeril) , sleeping aid, since we don't sleep either, ( Zoplicone) , and baclofen, if I need it, and Modulon for the bowels to keep them in control, then all the Zoloft for depression, and I think that might be it for prescriptions, ( lol but I do't remember), then we take a bunch of different herbal things.  So,
maybe our list will get shorter if they can come up with a plan for me, I do hope so,

So, that will be my day tomorrow, I'm exhausted just thinking aboaut it, so just resting today, and knitting on my grand daughter's blanket for her bed.  

So, have a great weekend guys, and we will keep you posted, I'm just hoping that I won't walk out of there regretting going, like when I go to the MS clinic here..... anyway, wish me luck,

take care,
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Good luck to you, Candy!

I know you have a lot of meds, but Copax doesn't cause or contribute to depression. Make sure you follow through with that, and look it up if you need to. The interferons may do that (Avonex, Rebif, Betaseron), but Copax is the 'odd med out' on that score.

Make sure you get back to us with how things go.

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Candy, you will be in my thoughts tomorrow as well. Ess is 100% correct in that they prescribe Copaxone for depression sufferers as it does not worsen the depression like the others.

Let us know how things go and keep relaxed while you knit that grandbaby's blanket!

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Hi Candy,  wow--what a big day you have tomorrow!  

You may have this all worked out in your head already but I wanted to suggest you type/organize all the medications, doses etc. as well as all herbal supplements.  Even if you have included that in the paperwork thay will ask you again.  

Then try to relax tonight and go to bed early.  Tomorrow breathe deeply and stay calm inside, even if you feel frazzled.  

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Hi Candy,

Good luck tomorrow.  

At first I didn't look to see where you lived. But when I saw that you were saying you were taking a ferry to Vancouver, I automatcally thought you had to live in Victoria - and you do.
I've been there several times, as I used to live in the Seattle area.

Maybe you can talk them into letting you start taking Copaxone?  Your age shouldn't matter (you're only 52) and it doesn't cause depression.

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Thank you all for your thoughts, it means alot.  I will try and relax and stay calm, but my inside will gte worked up and i will start shaking, ( or that is usually what happens), then I can't talk right, and I look and feel like and iodiot, and they treat me as one.  My neuo here says " says, I am very childlike" , whatever the h**l that means, and it does offend me.  My Dr., says, don't worry about it, they will think what they want, but it doesn't help.  I will ask about the copaxone though, and see what they say.  

Will check in later,
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Hi Candy, good luck tomorrow.  I hope your appt brings you closer to some answers and that you are dealt with professionally and with respect.  

I am including a link to some info about the various MS drug coverage plans in Canada by province.  I thought you might find it helpful to understand the qualifying criteria for patients in BC.  Incidentally, there is no exclusion with regards to age to qualify for coverage provided you have a definitive diagnosis (I guess that is what you are going to UBC for) and meet other criteria regarding history of relapses and level of functioning.    

I was surprised to read that you were told Copaxone would not be prescribed for you due to hx of depression, as this drug is not known to cause depression as an adverse effect.

http:// mssociety.ca/en /pdf/Multiple%20Sclerosis%20Therapies.pdf
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Thinking of you Candy and hopeful that your strength hold up for this long process.  

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bumping to remind Candy to update us when she is feeling up to it.
Hope your day went well, Candy.
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