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Vasospasm angina (Prinzmetal"s angina)

Symptoms:  My vasospasm angina start with an achy feeling in my chest and back. I get cold and clammy, pale, out of breath and lightheaded.  Sometimes the aching travels down my arms and up my neck/jaw.  My symptoms occur with activity whereas prinzmetal’s angina commonly occurs at rest.  Now, I take nitroquick at the first symptoms.  I also take blood thinners and a long-acting vasodilator.  We're still trying to adjust the meds.  Fortunately, I have not suffered a heart attack; my heart is strong, and I intend to keep it that way!  
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Hi how is everyone?

I just went to a new cardiologist this week, too find out that my last cardiologist was over medicating me. I was on Norvasc. Inderal la, long lasting  Nitro and Nitroquick. My blood pressure was 80/60 most of the time. I felt like **** always tired, constant chest pain, headaches,  muscle aches all I did was sleep. My new cardio told me to stop everything. Needless to say I need to slowly come off the enderal. But since Coming off everything I actually feel much better. I have energy again With no chest pain at this time. All muscle pain has gone away also. My cardio  doctor told me that they were giving me the wrong meds for my age and size. That actually the meds they put me on was for 70 and 80 year old's. I have found that potassium and  magnesium work well in controlling my prinzmetal's. Long story short I feel better then I have in the last 3 years. I thank god for finding  a cardio that would take the time,  listen to me,  understand me and my disease. One that wasn't a pill pusher.
How are you doing now?
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