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Vibrations down spine

Lately I've been experiencing vibrations down my spine especially when I bend my neck, like to look down. It's really bad some days especially when I awake on mornings, so I find myself holding my head/neck stiff until it eases off which is usually within an hour. Can anyone say what may be the cause of this and what I can do, if anything to deal with it or ease the pain when it happens? (Its painful and annoying and I just tend to lay flat till it goes away, but sometimes I don't have the time to lay flat and wait)
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That is called Lhermitte's syndrome, caused by a lesion (damage) of some kind in the cervical spinal cord (or possibly the thoracic spinal cord, tho my neuro doesn't believe that last part).

Ask your neurologist if there is a medication you can take for it--I think some people find success with that. (I experience the bending-head thing differently, and fortunately not painfully.)
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Welcome to our corner of the Weird World Wide Web!  You've found a cool bunch of people who are diagnosed, going through diagnosis, and lot's of us are in Limboland.  Lots of really knowledgeable members, too.  None of us are MDs, though.

Have you seen a neurologist?  Are you diagnosed with MS?  Please tell us more about yourself.  

I have MS,  and I have L'Hermittes phenomenon, too.  Mine doesn't hurt so much as it's annoying and kind of spooky.  Every now and then, though, when I flex my neck, I get what feels like a cattle prod to my R buttocks. Yeowww!!!

Again, Welcome!
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Thank you guys. I've been diagnosed with MS just over a year now. I have lesions on the brain and a few on the spine. I am on Betaferon injections every other day, which unfortunately I don't have a supply of at present :-(( Had two relapses last year, the last one was a stubborn one, the steroids didn't work it just had to ride out on its own.

The pain is beareable but the vibrations I hate. It's ANNOYING!  

I'd research that Lhermittes syndrome as its the first time I've heard of it. I have a nuero, but unfortunately in my country he's the only neuro who specializes in these types of neurological disorder (MS, Epilipsy etc...)  I am fighting everyday.

How is it for you both?

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Hi There Millsinc!

I experience L'hermitttes as well, although thankfully it is not painful. When I flex my neck I am able to feel a tingling/pulling sensation in my hands. Normally it is very mild to non-existent, however when I am tense or overheated it is much more intense.

Spain is a beautiful country :)  Good luck to you, and I hope you can find relief from this annoying symptom!
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Thank you JSSL. The vibrations I feel at times is so intense and I'd feel it throughout my entire body, so all I'd want to do is just lay flat,cause any kind of movement and I feel it. The pain is more in the neck region, and so I can't move my neck or rather I avoid moving cause of the pain and vibrations.

MS is on heck of an unpredictable and at times annoying disease!

Good luck to you too and keep strong :-)

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Huh... and here I thought it was just that I needed to stretch because my muscles were a tad tense. Didn't realise it had anything to do with my MS!!! Crap. That *****!
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Lol magda_s!! Yea chic dat MS sure confuses us at times. We keep learning something new about it everyday.
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Sure does Millsinc. It'd be nice if we could learn something good for a change!!
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hi moh wow you from spain!!  cool!!  i would love to see it!  well i learned something- not to my liking, that pain you are talking about, i have it in my arm-my whole arm,so thought this tingleing was and is bad, then awful pain in arm muscle- did the c-spine- but was hopeing pinched nerve-or anything, but no  it is ms- so yeh me!!  yeh i should of known i feel that weird feeling in my back in spots- so this crap can do what it wants.  wish you the best
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Sure would would be nice magda_s. We need to keep faith, pray and hope something good comes along us for some day soon.

Hi tick123! I am not from Spain :-) I am from Trinidad in the Caribbean, but that's ok :-). Would love to to visit Spain some day though :-) Sorry that you've had to join us in the MS world, but you know it's not so bad in that, it's not fatal, and with the right help, support, knowledge and this forum, we can live a long and happy life.

I have my bad days, but most days are good and I try to keep a positive attitude towards everything. I've also made and continue to make adjustments with things around me. like exercise for example, I can't go running anymore, but I find exercises that works with me and I do them. I try to keep everything and everyday life as normal as possible and where changes are needed, I get sad and fight it at times but I make the changes to what suites me best and makes me happy.

All the best and keep strong :-()
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I don't have an answer for anyone..looking for help. I have had all miserable symptoms for years now...pain numbness vibration cognitive etc etc. Docs did mri no lesions so no ms. Every year is worse than the last & nothing improves. On gabapentin to ease symptoms. If I miss dose I'm a mess. Is ms hard to find & has anyone else had several mis diagnosis things from docs?
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