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Video taping symptoms

Lately we've talked about video-taping symptoms to show our neurologist.  Quix suggested that I should have my roommate tape my eyes when I first wake up and my vision is all jittery.

When Fluffy woke me at 4 am and my vision was jittery, I rolled over, saw my cell phone, so I grabbed it and turned on the video function.  I discovered several things;

1.  I do not look that good on video at 4 am, especially in the light of a dim bed-side table.

2.  It is very difficult to take a video of shaky vision when one's hands are shaky.

3.  It's just too difficult to take a video of oneself, and should only be attempted for the laugh factor.

I've decided to take some very good advice, and sometime when I wake up at a reasonable hour, ask my roommate to take a video of my eyes.

By the way, when I was asking her if she would do that, explaining what I needed video-taped, she said "Oh, I've seen your eyes jittering, I know what you're talking about".  I don't suppose a neurologist would take a sworn affadavit?  Tee hee.

Have a great Sunday, all.


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I thought of seeing if I could post the video, but decided I wouldn't want to scare off any new members!

Hmm, maybe my eyes get their most jittery when I'm all snuggly warm in my flannel "granny gown" and in REM sleep.  The one time I had a really bad episode of jittery vision, I was at a basketball game in Phoenix, where I had to stand in line in 100+ degree weather, then climb up nearly to the rafters, where it was pretty warm, and then watch all the flashing lights, scoreboards, and women running up and down the floor, fans hurrying out to buy beer or use the restroom, etc.  That time I melted with my most extreme fatigue ever, could hardly sit up, didn't think clearly the rest of the night, and the fatigue didn't lift for a couple days.

Could rapid eye movement in sleep compare to rapid eye movements while awake?  I come up with some odd questions, don't I?



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Too funny!
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My eyes do the same thing!!!!  Sometimes I think they are taking dance lessons or something.  They've calmed down a little since the weather has cooled off, but during the summer was something else!!

Wish we could see the video..........heeheehee

Have a good day!

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