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Virus, bronchitis, knee replacement, oh MY!

Hello, everyone.  This was my home through the whole process of getting diagnosed with MS, which was in 2009.  I have drifted away from home, but isn't home the place that, when you have to go there, they have to take you in?  Just kidding.

It's good to be here.  I've been doing really well, lost 70+ pounds & kept it off, have had a love affair with Zumba and am probably the most fit I've ever been.  My MS is very stable, and I'm happy with my Avonex treatments.

Question:  can I give myself my Avonex injection in the leg that I'm going to have a total knee replacement on, the night before surgery?  

Do I feel so awful from this virus/bronchitis/asthma because my MS flared up too, the dizziness, blurred vision, etc.?

Do I really have to avoid the gym for my final three weeks before surgery to stay away from other virus possibilities, realllly?  My final three weeks of Zumba before a very long rehab after surgery.  The advice nurse I talked to today told me to continue using the Qvar inhaler (steroid), and to avoid crowded exercise rooms where I could pick up a different virus.  Arrrggghhh!  

Does anyone know how to get medical equipment covered by insurance?  My insurance company told me they wouldn't cover a hospital bed rental, and that's the only thing that will work.  I need to stay at a friends house, and bedrooms there are upstairs; I won't be able to go upstairs for a couple weeks. I have to go to physical therapy three times a week for 6 weeks; several of those I won't be able to drive.  My friend works from home, lives just a few miles from my PT's office, and is happy to help me out.  Within reason. ;o)

She can't work from my apartment, and it would be a royal pain to drive back and forth 15 miles each way.  Neither of us want me to be alone during those first two hellish weeks.  Besides, my bathroom is too small for me to navigate using a walker, with a swollen, healing left knee.

Oh, crud, have to go move my car, be back later (I hope soon)

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Hello there, blast from the past. :)  Nice to hear you've continued to do well with the fitness and weight loss but sorry that you need knee surgery. I don't use Avonex but as far as injecting the night before surgery, why not just use another site since there are so many others you can use?

Re: bronchitis/ asthma/ MS flare, I'm not sure I understand what you're asking. Are you asking if we think you are having a flare because your MS symptoms are acting up and you feel lousy from that other stuff? There's no way for us to know that. It could be a new flare, or it could be a pseudo flare brought on by the infection. I think I would discuss with my MS nurse or neuro.

Do you have to avoid the gym pre-surgery? I guess if that's what's been recommended, you probably should. I'm sure that's frustrating as you're in a routine and don't want to lose your momentum, but maybe you could do Zumba to a DVD at home? Not ideal, but better than nothing?

Re: hospital bed and insurance, I'm not sure how to fight this. Every plan is different and mine does cover this with a written order from the doc. Perhaps you could get your doc to intervene in your behalf? Maybe others can share suggestions from their own experience.

Good to hear from you. It's always nice to see familiar folks from way back when.
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Hey, girl! I just saw your status and dropped you a message asking for an update over here and then I came here and surprise!! Here you are. It is goo to see you even with all these questions.

Congrats on the Zumba and weight loss. That is especially good to hear you have kept the pounds off.  Stinks about the knee replacement, but you should feel better once it's done and really able to shake the Zumba moves then.

Shot in that leg? I don't see why not - but double check with your doctor.

Cruddy feeling from bronchitis?  Me, too.  An infection anyplace in our bodies can drag us down.

If you are sick, they will postpone your surgery.  You are already ill and trying to get better, hence the stay out of the gym for a few weeks before hand recommendation.  Do you want to risk having to reschedule your surgery?  Can you zumba at home for a few weeks?

Hospital bed rentals are tricky - can you just see what the cost might be? I know climbing those stairs isn't in your immediate future post-surgery.

Could your friend stay with you after work hours and you find someone else to be with you during the day while she is gone?  Just a thought.

Yes, we have to take you in just like a stray.  When you show up at our door we can't ignore you.  It's good to see you around.  Good luck with the surgery if you don't remember to come back here again for another long stretch of time.  :-)
hugs, L

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Hi there, people!  Great to see you!  Thanks for your input.  I have considered doing my Wii Zumba, though it's hard on the carpet, and you don't get the same sense of joy that you do sharing an experience with so many people that are totally into each moment.  No matter our diverse backgrounds, we are all in sync, in a joyous celebration of life.

The rental on the hospital bed isn't too awful, and the co-insurance for the surgery could be worse.  They only keep me for one day!  

I spoke with my surgeon's medical assistant, who told me that as long as I am still coughing, to stay out of the gym.  They do want me active and strong, and I'm dedicated to being in the best shape I can be pre-surgery.

She's checking with the surgeon about the Avonex injection.  I only do my IM injections in my thighs; top of left thigh, top of right thigh, outside of left thigh, outside of right thigh, alternating like that once a week.  I do have shorter needles for arm injections, but I've never done it, the side effects are worse, & I can't remember which muscle to inject, lol.

Shake me out of my pity party; I can do squats, ride the recumbent bicycle in the garage, do wall push-ups, do my physical therapy exercises, go for a walk! Hopefully I'll be feeling tons better in a few days, and go to a few live Zumba classes before my surgery.

It will be several months until I work my way back up to Zumba after surgery, but I can enjoy the bike, then Aqua exercise classes, then Silver Sneakers, and on....
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Hello from a newbie

My hubby is the one with RRMS, I have Lupus and IC.

Just wanted to say from a therapy standpoint, to get best outcome for your tkr, follow those Dr orders! :-D ..LOL. So much better to be as healthy as possible prior to any surgery...and just think how great it will be when you get back to Zumba all the quicker because you did follow the "docs talks".

In the case of the hospital bed, I know insurances vary. For my hubby, a knee walker for use after his Achilles repair was partially covered with a Drs order (we ended up just buying a rollator, about $15 more to buy it than for 1 month rental on other that didn't work as well).

On my mom's lift recliner the Drs order covered 25% of the price, and made it where we didn't have to pay any sales tax. We also have purchased adjustable beds, Drs order took off the sales tax on those. I suppose you can have your Dr write an order of medical necessity and give it a go. Nothing to lose by trying, eh?

Sounds like you're going to do great, being as healthy as you are will make your recovery so much better! And congrats on the weight loss, and keeping it off. While I am thin, I could do with some exercise other than quilting...lol.


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and all that down time from Zumba gives you some extra time to catch up around here.  We have a lot of limbolanders who would benefit from your story of determination to get answers.
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Fluffysmom!!  It's so good to see you!  Congratulations with your weight loss and love for Zumba!  

Good luck with your knee surgery.  I have friends who have had knee replacements, and they're just so darned glad to be pain-free, now.  They're back to cycling and cross-country skiing (no more downhill for her (-;  ), and love still being active.
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Well, here I am, back again.  I just can't seem to find the time to sit down with the computer.  I sit around watching TV, or doing stuff on my phone, but me and my laptop don't get along too well.  I keep hitting something wrong and wiping out all the typing I've done.  This is my second attempt at writing this, ha ha.

Okey dokey,  My surgeon said no Avonex two weeks before surgery and two weeks after, and my neurologist is okay with that, so YAY! no sticking my thigh with a 1 1/4 inch needle every week like I've been doing since I was diagnosed in 2009.  Not that I'm complaining; I love how stable my MS has been, and I'm sure that the Avonex helped with that.  I hope my time away from it won't have any adverse effects.

My cough went away, so I was able to return to Zumba.  I'm trying to get as much in before my surgery as my body can take.  The joy I get from it is seriously a better high than any drug you could imagine (not that I use drugs, just saying), and going cold turkey will be tough.  I'll have Zumba with one of my favorite instructors the day before my surgery.

Yesterday I danced in a room packed with students & instructors; Gina Grant, one of the Faces of Zumba, is the instructor at the gym I go to (when she's not traveling the world) on Wednesday mornings.  She is totally awesome; professional with a personal touch, talented, gorgeous, able to bring out our best sexy selves.  She won't be there next week, so I told her good bye for a while, and she wished me well with my surgery.

I have a little keyboard and books to try & remember how to play the piano, and a smaller flute & book that Ronnie (Zumba instructor/band teacher/musician) loaned me so I can try & remember how to play that.  I'll keep my mind active while my body is recovering.

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