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Vitamin D deficiency?


I had a follow up appt with my neuro today to discuss DMD Avonex. At my last appt. he wanted to run 2 more blood tests for this appt., ANA and a Vitamin D test. Well I guess you can guess from my "topic" what my result was.

He is starting me on injections - and not the one's we had discussed. Prior to me starting my Avonex he wants to get my Vitamin D up as I am VERY low - Sorry did not ask my number. He is setting this up with my primary. I think he said weekly injections.

He aid low vitamin D was not uncommon with MS. Any thoughts on this? HAs anyone had low vitamin D?

He is trying to cut my Topomax and Tegratol as well as I have had some cognitive issues come up and he wants to see if it my brain lesions or med issues..so that is an experiment to try as well.

The plan is to strat Avonex as we earlier discussed but thes steps are first important to do.

Any thoughts or sound familiar of Vitamin D linked with MS? I keep reading that it causes MS? will correcting my Vitamin D fix the MS? (I am doubting)

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Hi Jibs,

My vitamin D was at 17 so I'm on 5000iu everyday for 3 months then a recheck.  

I didn't think they did injections? I thought Vitamin B had injections though. I know my Aunts have vitamin B injections frequently.

Either way, Vitamin D and Vitamin B deficiency has been linked to neurological issues.

Here's an article that was sent to me by my cousin who is an RN and had extensive conversations with doctors who are treated advanced MS with super heavy doses of vitamin D. She swears that it will help.

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I have MS and a Vitamin D deficiency as well.  When my neuro mentioned it was very important that I take a minimum of 2000 units/day (which is the typical dose), I, like a jerk, scoffed "Aren't most Americans deficient in Vitamin D?" to which he replied, "Yes, but YOU especially and people with MS in general".  Oops.  I've been taking 4000 units/day since my diagnosis about two weeks ago.

As for "fixing MS", it's not a cure but some studies suggest that it reduces the number of relapses.

The link Sidesteps posted is a good read!  Makes me wonder though.  MS doesn't run in my family, either side, whatsoever... but I have spent a majority of my life in the Northeast, relatively far from the equator, am perhaps Vitamin D deficient as a result (or because I was a moody kid averse to sunlight), and did have the Epstein-Barr Virus (mononucelosis) when I was 19.  Hmm.
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Yes, there is a link between MS and Vit D def but they are not sure how it's related.  It's very common with MS'ers to have low D.

My levels were in the teens when first tested. The to be in the normal but low range is 30.  Anyway was put on 10K units a day for 2-3 months then down to 5K units a day where I am at now. My levels are now in normal range.

No one w MS in my family and I was raised in TX and California. Lots of sun from childhood on so go figure.

No, bringing you vit D levels up does not cure or "fix" MS. :(

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Mine was 9...I take 2000 iu a day because that's all my kidney specialist will allow :)
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I was low in vitamin d also. I had to take 50k for a month which I thought was a lot but, in my research I found out its not a lot.  I'm not dx yet but, I'm in the process and getting closer I hope.  I just found out that I'm low in vitamin b now.  I'm on 1000 mg of that.   I also heard of injections for vitamin b but not vitamin d hmmm.

Take care
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I have low Vitamin D and low B12 as well as hypothroid.  Take 1000 mg of D and meeting with PCP on Friday to see how to deal with B-12
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