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Vitamin D question

My neuro put me on a prescription 50,000 IUs of Vitamin D2 a week for two months. I noticed almost immediately a change for the better in both my hair and skin. My hair had been falling out by the handful and I had painfully dry skin that no amount of lotion would soothe. That changed almost overnight upon starting the mega dose of Vitamin D.

My last 50k dose was 9 days ago. Yesterday I started the daily 4K IU regimen of over the counter D3. In the shower today, I once again lost fistfuls of hair. Could the effects of 2-months of high dose D2 stop so suddenly? Or would it likely take longer, and so this is related to something else? My hair is brittle feeling again, looks frizzy and thin, and my skin is flaking off. I could increase my dosing to 6k daily to see of that helps?

Thanks for your thoughts. I am going to call my neuro this week anyways to bug them about Plegridy (it's been 2 months since my insurance approved it, yet I have not started on it) and will get her opinion, too. This board just has so much knowledge, i thought I would try here first.

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Thanks - I don't recall my D levels and haven't been retested since I started this regimen. I have read that brittle hair and dry skin can be a sign of low Vit D. Will have to find those sources again.

As for D2 vs D3, my neuro just said that D2 is what's common in prescription strength pills, and D3 is what's available OTC. I guess I did t question it any further....

Thanks for responding. I will look into other sources for the change and ask more questions.

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I've never heard that vitamin D is beneficial to hair and skin. I would ask a doctor or pharmacist about it. I noticed you say you were prescribed vitamin D2. Any idea why? I ask because I believe it's been established that D3 is more effective in raising serum level of D. Just curious.
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Hi, Cheryl. This is a tough question, and I doubt whether our members here--any of them--would feel equipped to answer it. I sure don't.

But I also find it hard to imagine that hair and nails could change so quickly and dramatically. After all they have to grow, and I'd think any changes would show on the grown-out part, not overall. And also, does Vit D affect these things so directly? I know thyroid levels do, not so sure about D. Do you know what your D level was at first, and what it is now?

I suggest you see an endocrinologist for an expert opinion. This isn't really a neuro's bailiwick. Good luck.

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