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Does anyone else have problems with their voice. I cannot yell anymore and my voice cracks? I lose my voice alot almost to a whisper?
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Hi gypcwmn...

I go through bouts where I will be very hoarse... This has lasted anywhere from days to months... It comes and goes very mysteriously... I have no idea what causes it and my PCP thinks it could be caused from my meds or from sleeping with my mouth open... My husband says that I don't snore very much at all so I'm not sure about that one... I hope you get better soon...

I'll be praying,
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Yes I have had problems with my voice for years. If I talk much or get upset I lose it or it cracks. Also do that when I sing. If I raise my voice it makes me cough and choke. My neurologist says this is ms related but didn't tell me why.
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Yes, I have this problem from time to time.  Like Carol, it comes and goes mysteriously.  It doesn't crack, but gets kind of husky and hoarse sounding like Demi Moore.  It has to do with the vagus nerves which innervates the larynx.

Here is a thread from a few years ago when it first happened to me:

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I think it is a pretty common issue for MS. I have some issues but I don't know if they are MS or Allergy/Asthma related. Some of my friends with MS. have more issues than I do.

Among the types of speech problem common in MS, nasal sounding speech is one of them. The speaker may sound as if he/she has a cold.
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I'm still in limbo but my voice is one thing we have noticed that has changed, of course not while it was changing but from years ago until now. Hubby is always telling me to talk louder and I'm always telling him to open his ears :) It is me, I know I don't talk as loud as I use to. I'm not hoarse or cracky though but I do have a major issue with coughing and food/drinks feeling as if they get stuck etc.
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I'm still in limbo. I also have had a hoarse voice. The worst was during each of my "flares."  I did not realize it was associated with the vagus nerve. IF that spot I see on my cerebellum is what I think it is (a lesion) it looks like it matches some of my symptoms as it seems--- hearing, facial nerve. I think the vagus nerve is there as well which might explain the dizziness and nausea as well. Huh.

I read somewhere that voice changes can be explained by dysarthria.


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