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Want a little distraction?

I have mentioned that I'm heading for San Diego on Tuesday, returning Saturday.  I thought it might be fun to share the link to the place where I'm staying, courtesy of my roommates company paying for her room for a convention there.  She had a buy one/get one free flight coupon that she got for buying something, so my flight is free, too!

I am so lucky, blessed, happy, and want to share some of the fun with you .  I'm posting a link to a page for the resort, and then I'll post some of my own pictures when I get back.


Bunches of hugs and love for my online family,

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Have a great time....
talk when you get back...

bye for now
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You'll be coming out to my neck of the woods! Paradise Point is a beautiful resort, be prepared to enjoy yourself completely! Also, be prepared. This is San Diegos hottest time, and this week has been no exception!. In the 90's with high humidity. Be sure to check out Seaport Village and the gaslamp quarter.

Have fun and safe flight

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I'm packing my bags right now.  You can't just post pictures like this and expect us all not to turn up!  You'll recognize me - I'll be carrying the crayon version of the union jack and wearing, well probably my pyjamas.  No time to get dressed.  It's been raining 5 days solid here and a trip to paradise is definitely needed.

Just got to get my world atlas our and find out where San Diego is, somewhere west of here I think....

If you can't find me amongst the mermaids and beauticians (well I did train as a beauty therapist once, have had all the careers in the manual I think), will have to make do with looking at photos when we get back.

Have you posted this brochure just to torment us!  Seriously though have a great holiday.  Tell us it was awful and rained every day etc. etc.  We Brits don't like to hear of others having a good time when it's raining here.  Or just tell us the truth that it was a fab holiday.

Have a well deserved break, chat when you get back or drop us a line from there even!

There is a resort here I keep meaning to go to.  But being a tiny little Island and very wet we don't have many of them.  May phone them this week and make a weekend of it.  Haven't had a holiday for years.  

Asta la vista!

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Gee Kathy...sorry to see your are going to have to be slumming it next week! hehe  Ya know, Ada and I wouldn't mind staying there with you...honest...and we will push you in a chair around Sea World and get your drinks and give you a pedicure and a manicure and...well you get the picture I guess...Have fun and can't wait to see your pictures!

Lots of hugs and a sad wave bye, bye...

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