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Ways to help people with MS--Crucial research

At this time of year especially, those who can afford it are often moved to make contributions to worthy charities. The Wheelchair Kamikaze, a blogger for whom I have a great deal of admiration, talks in his most recent blog (WheelchairKamikaze.com) about several organizations who are doing great work towards solving the problem of MS. Here he means research towards a cure; he's emphatically not focusing on Big Pharma or other profit-making outfits.

One is the Myelin Repair Foundation, which our MH community has interacted with in the past, though I believe it's been several years. It is striving to learn how to do precisely what its name suggests.

Another is the Tisch Center in NYC, the work home of Kyle's wonder-doctor. We have discussed recently Tisch's work in using adult stem cells to regenerate nerves damaged by MS. Richard Cohen, husband of Meredith Vieira and writer and journalist himself, is one of the participants in this trial. All of this was presented briefly on the Dr. Oz show recently, and discussed here on our forum.

Finally, the WK discusses the Accelerated Cure Project, which is playing a major role in coordinating resources for many types of MS research.

I urge our members to visit this blog and get much more information than I have touched on here. Perhaps you or a family member would like to make a contribution to one of these. Perhaps that's not in the cards at this time, but at least you'll increase your knowledge about this important work, which will then help you spread good information (education) to others.

Of course there are many other organizations seeking to understand better the mechanics of MS (I'm thinking of hospitals and universities) that the WK does not mention, but the ones he does he describes clearly, giving them a human face in the process. So again I urge you to take a look. All that is required is a few minutes of your time.

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On behalf of Dr. Awesome, thanks for the plug Ess :-)

This is a good time of year to to think about gifts other than those that go under the tree. We here have a ready made cause and the organizations Ess mentioned are truly worthy.

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Thanks ess,

I'll find the time to have a look at Wheelchair Kamikaze latest blog, he often writes great stuff. Thank you!

Ho ho ho..........JJ
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Thanks, Ess.  Both of these are excellent organizations and working at the problems of MS from different directions. I have supported both of these in a small financial way each year,  knowing that if each of us give a little, it can add up to a lot.  

I started giving to them a few years ago when our extended family decided instead of buying gifts for each other that we really don't need all of us pick a charity or two and send them a contribution.  It is a fun and meaningful way to give - my parents give in all of our names to a group that helps food banks.  My husband, who has a fondness for food, also gives to the local food bank. We share with each other the name of the group(s) we gave to and why we picked them.  It is always of interest to hear their picks - they have ranged from animal shelters to shoes for children.  :-)

Recently I was named to  a patient advisory board with the Accelerated Cure Project and participated in a successful grant application to PCORI. Watch for more news as to how you can get involved with this research. http://bit.ly/1icSVGS

Thanks again, Ess, for this suggestion.
happy holidays! Laura
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Thank you Ess for the information. It's definitely something I like to do every year particularly around Christmas time. I have heard of the wheelchair kamikaze before but I had forgotten about him....not unusual for me these days. :-)

Have a good one.
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Also, for anyone who lives in a city where there's a repository site for Accelerated Cure, or, if you'll be visiting one, please consider participating in this important project. All it requires is completion of a questionnaire (ok, a really loooong questionnaire) and giving up several vials of blood. There are no repository sites in Canada but I was able to participate a few years back when I was visiting NYC. Also, FYI for Canadians, if you contribute financially, you arent eligible for a tax receipt, but hopefully that does not stop you from donating.

Thanks for posting Ess, this is great info for our new members.
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DV- My MS Day Spa is an AC site. They have many samples of my blood and CSF :-) I agree that it is a worthy effort!
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Kyle - I know! That's where I went! :)
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I have been following the Wheelchair Kamikaze since I was diagnosed and he is pretty awesome.

Great post, thanks for sharing!
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