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Weather related symptoms?

Ok, here goes...I've been watching the forum for a couple of weeks and have been dying to ask this.  Does anyone have increased pain during a change in the weather or (God forbid) a full moon?  My symptoms seem to just overwhelm me when there's a change in the barometric pressure or in the week leading up to the full moon.  I get some relief and then the cycle starts again.  Am I crazy or what?
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Yeah you're crazy :P HA sorry.....but you're in good company!

I seem to be affected by the weather as well - changes in barometric pressure usually result in a migraine for me, so when I see a front coming on the weather charts I live in dread.

Not sure about the moon bit though. I've not paid attention. But it wouldn't srprise me - it does weird things to animals so why not us?
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I told this to my son and he just "doesn't buy it."  It is pretty strange.  I sure wouldn't mention it to my doctor!
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Well tell your son drops in barometric pressure are KNOWN causes of migraines, so I don't see why they can't affect other bits of the body as well........we'll keep quiet on the moon though!
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It is an accepted fact that the gravitational pull of the moon and sun will cause great bodies of water to move (daily changes of the tide).  I believe the development of huge weather systems can be predicted by changes in barometric pressure.

A significant fraction of the human body is water.  It is difficult for me to imagine my body could be more resistant to outside forces than ocean tides or powerful weather systems.  

The best thing is to do what you like and track when the "bad" happens.  Look for patterns later.  When they exist, they will end up becoming visible.

Just what I think.
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I actually have been tracking the "moon thing" for about 4 years and have found it to be pretty consistant.  Since I've spent the last 25 yrs being diagnosed with fibro and only recently has it been suggested it might be ms I've talked to a lot of people about this.  Sometimes I wish I could just accept the misery for whatever it is and not question why it's happening, but so far no luck with that.  Guess I'll never know, but I'll die wondering what the H..... is wrong with me!
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The full moon is not a mystery But a reality. There's a gravity pull in our bodies. We are 60% water  during a full moon we loose water and become dehydrated which causes the symptoms. My symptoms are different each time depending how close or far the moon is to us. During this time my legs become unstable, M.SM.S. hug, headaches,  feet hurt, can't sleep without pain.  And so on.
till now I don't take medicine. I drink a lot of coconut water,  reduce caffeine,  eat foods that reduce inflammation, use a strong hand massager on legs before sleeping,  take flax seed and fish oil. All this helps with inflammtion.
I also take herbs called kaiser guggulu, this helps with inflammation and yogaRaj guggulu this helps with muscle pain.  Although this combination is could during late winterms and early spring.
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