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Week's Activities Train---All AboaARRD!!


Tues, doc's appt followed by 3T MRI, brain and c spine

More to follow
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I bought a ticket at the station for Columbus and an extra visit with the MS nurse to review some recent developments forTuesday.  Had hoped to hold off for the regular neuro appt scheduled for next week but they want me up there now.

At the end of this week there is a lunch planned with two other  forum members - I hope the plans we have made work out.  We'll post some pics.


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Good morning all,

I also go for my follow up appointment Tuesday with my neurologist.  With no diagnosis, I never know what is going to happen.  A DX would be nice....

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I'm waiting for my neuro's office to call me back so I can pick up a copy of the transcripts from my last 2 visits and the report from my LP.

Wednesday afternoon I see my PCP for the chest pressure along with various other things that I would normally see my neuro about but he's on vacation until August. How dare he have a life LOL

The only other things I have going on are schoolwork. I took my first test on Friday, so I'm just waiting to hear how I did. I should hear in the next few days.

My birthday is this Friday (woohoo!!) so I'm trying to figure out what to make for dessert. My oldest son suggested I make an ice cream cake (I make a mean ice cream cake LOL) or a peanut butter cup cheesecake. Decisions, decisions :-)

I hope everyone has a great week!!
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Nothing to report which after all the recent hospital visits is a blessing. Life keeps me very busy at  home with my 3 teenage kids.

Wiaitn gofr next week and my dermatology appointment..but that can keep for a week.


PS Happy Birthday Jess on Friday
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My youngest son fly's in this week from Alaska,  he'll spent a week with us then on to his new duty station.

I have a follow up visit on my achilles , PRP injection was given two weeks ago.
besides tendinosis  & had a small tear,  maybe  another month in the boot.

Avoiding the midwest heat & humidity as much possible.  

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I have a routine neuro appt. tomorrow afternoon.

Happy almost birthday Jess.

I wish I were planning get-togethers with forum members! And, I plan on avoiding the heat and humidity like John! Maybe we can wish it away buddy - ya think?

Good luck w/your appt. Terri.

Wishes for peaceful imagining tomorrow Essy!

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I have an appointment tomorrow to talk about my weird facial swelling...  This last Thursday, a mosquito bit me on the left side of the face.  The next morning, my mouth had really swelled up on that side.  That afternoon, it moved to the other side of the face, and the next day, it moved up to my upper lip!  I think it was just making the rounds - finally on Sunday, just the right side of my mouth and my cheek were swollen, and today we're back to normal, with just a little soreness.
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Too sleepy to read through all this; finally got a gabapentin refill, and I think I'm getting whacked by the first dose since thursday or so.

Dentist this morning, otherwise I'll write more after I can read more, probably tomorrow.

Uh, Lu -- lunch @ end of week?
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PD - relax.  You haven't forgotten a lunch date.  I'm heading the other way on Saturday.  Cosmobirdy (Rita) and I are taking a road trip. If you want to do lunch with me you'll have to drop down to Columbus/Gahanna on Tuesday - I think that is as far as I'm venturing this week.

What are the chances that three of us Co-CL's have neuro appts on Tuesday??  Are the planets and stars aligned in some strange way?  Are we all falling apart at the same time?
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Going to the Shrine of the North American Martyr's in Auriesville New York.

Renting a meat freezer to sit in for a few days.

Bought two bottles of Oatmeal Stout and some cherrystone clams.  Have not had a good beer, actually have had none, in about three months.

Doctors:  Follow-up's with Surgeon, Neuro, Cardiologist. New appointment w/ Oncologist.

Taking Tonya's advise about being an optamist.  Plan on winning the NYS Lottery.  


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I have been seeing a counselor for the last 2 weeks.  I like him.  My goal is acceptance of my disabilities and learning to accept help.  I see him again on Tuesday.  

Thursday I am suppose to call UCLA to see if I can get in to see them.  They have been reviewing my records for almost 2 weeks now.  Fingers crossed!

I went to Physical Therapy last week.  The therapist did a complete neuro exam on me.  I have regained some reflexes in my left side...but not my right.  She wants to wait to see what UCLA has to say before continuing anything with me.  She doesn't want to do anything that can possible hurt me.

I also have an appointment on Tuesday with my orthopedic doc for my drop foot.

My birthday was yesterday.  Happy Birthday to you, Jess!  

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Called UCSF for my follow-up appointment today.  Had my MRIs last Friday.

I'm officially on "baby watch".  My daughter's in the earliest stages of labor as we speak.  She wants me, along with four other friends, to be her doulas.  I'll also stay with her for some time after the baby's born to help with cooking, laundry, etc.

Oh, happy me!!
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