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Weight gain - what to do?

I - and I'm sure many in here - used to be slim, fit and healthy. Now it's chubbo and inactive thanks to MS. I think menopause/hormones play a role as well with me as my weight can fluctuate by as much as 5kg (12lbs) month to month.

Does anyone have any weight loss tips bar starvation for those of us who are very VERY limited in physical activities? Even keeping calories to under 1200 a day isn' helping me - still gaining weight.

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Swimming? Are you able to swim? I have an MS workout video that has a range of exercises based on mobility. I forgot the title but I will look at it and post it for you tomorrow.
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Hi! I am on the same boat. I talked with my DR. the other day and because I am so overweight and feel so unwell it is hard for me to exercise. He was a big boy too but he lost 150 lbs in a little over a year just watching sugar and carbs. Kind of like a diabetic diet. Its a little bit of a strain on your sweet tooth and you will notice there are carbs in everything buttry looking up a diabetic diet and eat a little more meat thanusual preferably turkey bacon or turkey products and chicken and you will do better. He told me that they infused a dye into fats carbs sat fats and dyes and the only one that contributed to actual weight gain is carbs the others affect cholesterol ect, hence why i said try turkey and chicken its better in those areas.
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I am a big fan of the recumbent bike.  I have a stationary one.  While my legs are not strong enough to change the dial to really pushing, I feel safe on it and get the benefit of stretching.  If you have power left in your legs you could get a good work out.  They are not very expensive and fit in a small space.  They are nothing like a stationary exercise bike.  I would not feel safe and fall off!!

Also if you have trouble keeping your feet on the pedals, my son bolted orthopedic boots to mine.  Someone has to strap me in but off I go after that...Don't bother trying high top tennis shoes.  The foot will just fall out.  We tried.

So we would both be using a bike...just for different reasons...lol
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Hi Jem

I think that it is VERY hard to lose weight when you are on lots of different meds that have side effects of weight gain. I found that when I was on a higher daily dose of Gabapentin (1200) I was unable to lose any weight although I was exercising and eating reasonably well. However when my symptoms improved I reduced my dosage very slowly ensuring that they were at a level where I felt comfortable and I was able to get it down to just night time 300.

I then worked  very hard going twice a week to the gym and swimming combined with low fat, healthy diet. Progress was very slow but I have now lost the 20lbs that I gained during the last year and feel much better. However my neuro is now switching me to Lyrica as he thinks I am not taking enough gabapentin because I do not want to put the weight back on. Side effects look potentially just as bad and went to two pages!!

I sense that you are feeling very lathargic adn tired and obviously will find it difficult to lose weight if you are unable to do some cardio vascular work. I am not sure how immobile  you are but walking is very good exercise and I am surprised when on a treadmill how many calories I can burn.

The other thing is to allow yourself healthy treats instead of sweet ones so have dried fruit, nuts and seeds as well as fruit. Also drink lots of water as this fills you up.

All not rocket science so apologies if I have stated the obvious. I really understand how fed up it makes you to feel overweight and unable to shift it but don't give up. I think that where there is a will there is a way but you just have to find the right way for you.

Love Sarah x
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1200 calories a day is probably too extreme for your body - the experts talk a lot about the effects of yo-yo dieting and how ultimately extreme diets can do more harm than good in the long run.

Is it possible to meet with a nutritionist and develop a healthy lifestyle plan?  I'm like everyone else and would love to see immediate results from my efforts, but I know it is a marathon and not a spring.

After my heart attack I lost about 40 pounds.  I did it slowly and quite unintentionally - I just started moving.  I began to walk every evening after dinner.  Just out in our neighborhood and not far -but nonetheless moving.  By not far, I mean to the neighbor's driveway and back a few times, so it really was a short distance.  As I felt better and stronger i made the trip a few more times.

The same idea can be applied to a stationary bike, or a swimming pool program or any other exercise you might want to try.  

Good luck in finding something that works for you.
hugs, Lulu

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I just got a free book from the MS Society of Canada tittled "Everybody Stretch: A Physical Activity Workbook for People with multiple Sclerosis" I wonder if there would be an equivilant book available through the Australian MS society?

It's very flexible, with instructions on adapting all the exercises to your capabilities. It covers fatigue issues, overheating precautions, coordination, and all other MS concerns.

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