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Weight loss..

I was wondering if anyone has had weight loss completely unexplained. In 2011 I was pregnant with my second son and I lost quite a bit of weight and was concerned but the doctors weren't since my son seemed to be doing fine. By the end of that pregnancy I had only gained 11lbs back of what I had lost. As soon as I had him I dropped the 11lbs and then some.

I continued dropping weight but since I wasn't pregnant I decided maybe it was a good thing, since I was overweight to start with. In 2012 I was pregnant with my daughter and only gained 7lbs which I lost right after having her. 6 months later and I am still dropping. People are saying I look sick or anorexic. I have not been doing anything to lose weight and I've actually increased calorie intake and because of other issues I sit around as often as possible.

Before all this I weighed closer to 190lbs and am now down to 115lbs. I am 5'6". I have had my thyroid checked as well as several other tests and everything seems normal. No one can explain to me why I'm still dropping. I'm wondering if the neurological problems is related to this or maybe something else. Thanks in advance for any replies. My mom had suggested maybe with all the twitching and muscle spasms that maybe I'm using more calories then I am consuming. I don't know if that is even possible but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

Oh and happy mothers day :)
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I'm thinking we have had a few women lose a lot of weight - unexplained.  I know Yorkieville continues to shed pounds and it doesn't seem to stop.  I can't imagine the spasms and twitching taking off pounds.  Has your doctor made any suggestions as to how you might slow this ?  

Obviously you know you need to consume more calories than you burn to gain weight - can you keep a small diary of your food intake and track your food intake for a while?  You might not be eating enough.  

Its also coming to me that perhaps you need to eat small amounts of food multiple times a day - I remember that from somewhere.

I'm no medical authority and you definitely should keep talking  to your doctor about any ideas on how to reverse or stop this weght lose.  ~Laura
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This is a difficult one for people including dr's to understand, weight or lack there of has been an issue for me, since forever. It has driven me nuts over the years trying to find out why, the anorexia idea has always been the first idea and often the only idea but i seriously do not fit the definition in any way shape or form! It can be hard to get someone who has belief in an idea that is wrong, to think beyond it and come up with an alternative.

I am not the only one in my family who doesn't put on weight, my dad was exactly the same and he didn't like it any more than i. Lol the only times i've ever come close to normal weight and womanly curves, is whilst pregnant, unfortunately it rapidly fell off despite stuffing my face, nothing i've tried let me hang on to it, or gain weight.

For a couple of years my dr had me eating 5 meals a day, it did nothing so added snacks that ended turning into meal size, then added high calory protein shakes but all i did was loose weight, much to the confusion of my Dr and family. It makes sense that for 'me' the issue is genetic, I take after my dad but my grandmother on my mum's side was even smaller than me, so my genetic coctail must have something to do with why my metabolism is always running fast.

I agree with Lulu that muscle spasms and twitches comment, it wouldn't be enough movement to burn off much, tremors on the other hand could but its usually multifaceted....more than just the tremors going on.  IF this is not your always, pregnancy would probably have been your trigger(s), because it does naturally increase your metabolism. If you gave birth months ago and or breastfeeding, then i'm thinking it wouldn't be particularly abnormal for your metabolism to still be running high.

If you google high metabolism you'll find its commonly connected to pregnancy and there are none pregnancy related tips for people dealing with a high metabolism rate. Mostly are food related and they are worth looking into because its not just about the amount of food but the type of food that makes a difference.


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I don't know the cause of weight loss;I'd like to know myself! Five yrs ago,I was asking my Dr that question,fearing something was seriously wrong with me!She shrugged her shoulders and said "You should be happy you're losing weight!"She's no longer my Dr!She thought of me as a hypochondriac,but we know our bodies better than anybody else!
  Unfortunately,with meds and lack of exercise I've probably gained,most if not all of it back,by now.
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For six years my Doctors did not worry about my weight loss and blamed my MS. For me it was serious. I no longer listen to Doctors and I push for answers.

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