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Weiner Roast!!

Put on your long-johns, grab a coat hanger, and gather 'round the bonfire!  We're having a weiner roast!

How many of you have been treated poorly by a doctor? Told it is "all in your head?" That if you weren't over weight, stressed, didn't have children, or some other ridiculous reason, you wouldn't have the symptoms you're having?

I was told by my first neurologist that if I took a muscle relaxer before bedtime that my symptoms would go away. Um, okay, so lack of sleep would make ONLY the right side of my body have numbness, tingling, burning sensations, and my right leg give out. This with NO neurological tests and completely disregarding my one-page timeline. This is also the same person who said my brain MRI was normal, and come to find out, there are two lesions.

I also want to roast SOMEONE, not sure who, from the hospital where I had my LP done back on December 7th, yet my neurologist STILL doesn't have the results and neither do I! Maybe the office staff at my neurologist's office needs to be roasted, too ;-)

I realize everyone is human, yet it is so frustrating to be sick and have to expend preciousenergy ggoing behind these peopl .

Who else has an experience they would like to share? Won't necessarily help our situations but at least we canvent and iidentify with each other!

Hugs, Minnie :)

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i would love to roast my old pcp, who told me a number of things from i am over weight, to lazy(um i have 6 kids and far from lazy) that is was all in my head cause she didnt see anything on my test results (even though she only ever ran basic blood test) and the kicker was it was fibromyalgia even though i tested negative for all the trigger points.
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Ugh, that just makes my blood boil! You don't meet the criteria for Fibro, yet by using magical tuning forks and voodoo dolls it  was determined that's what you have. No, they didn't know what you have and had to comeup  with something.  That's like saying someone with normal blood sugar levels is diabetic.  Ridiculous, right? And lazy with all those young'uns?! You are Superwoman! I don't know how you do it!

I am so sorry that happened to you. Commence roasting!
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I've finally gotten over my bad medical folks and am just letting the dust settle!
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Well, you can still hang out by the fire with us :)

Maybe one day, if and when I ever find out what's wrong with me, I'll get over it too. Right now, it feels good tovent and it hhelps to know one isn't alone.

I read old posts from when Quix was here and the weiner roasts appeared to be quite therapeutic, even for thosefinally ddiagnosed.

Here's a cup of hot cider for you :)

Hug , Minnie
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Gee, my doctor list is too long...the fire would go out before I could finish all my stories! LOL!

But, I do have a "weird" doctor story to share!...

I think this neuro was probably the 5th or 6th one I saw back in the 90's when I had my first attack....

He briefly examined me and said I didn't have MS but ordered a spinal tap. He was very strange! He turned off the lights in the exam room when he examined me. I was creeped out! ......I had the spinal tap done....nurse called and said my results were normal. I went to the hospital and picked up my results anyway....the results were NOT normal! My protein level was high!

I planned on calling the doctor back the next day to ask questions....but I saw on the news that night....."Neurologist gets arrested for molesting his male patients!!" You guessed it....it was my neuro!! Thank God I was the wrong gender!!

Needless to say I never was able to ask him about the "LP" result.

I kept all my test results in a folder to have for the next neuro I would see. When I finally had an appointment, I went to go get that folder....my husband (NOW EX) said he threw it away...since there was nothing wrong with me!!

Can we roast Ex husbands?? :)  Last I heard the neuro was "roasting" in prison! As you can imagine I am full of stories!!

Anytime you all want to be entertained just let me know!!

Laurie :)
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Oh Laurie! That sounds just like something that would happen to me!

We can roast whomever we please :D I believe in using humor to heal. I have experienced things and read things  that others been through that makes me say, "WHAT?" Better to laugh than cry, and it is time to start laughing!

I sure hope the poster from another thread tells about the "Tight Pants Theory."  And no, it isn't a new sitcom ;-)

Now, some things aren't funny, they're hurtful and can be downright traumatic. In those cases, it helps to have someone who understands and cares.

Love, hugs, blessings and laughter, and comfort,

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I agree!! Better to laugh than to cry!!

Better to use "our" stories to encourage each other!

It is very comforting to KNOW you are not alone!

Back to roasting! I am getting full....anyone for a leg?

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I would like to roast the first neurologist I saw after my primary did MRI and found many lesions. This neuro told me to stand and hold on to my breasts and raise up on toes. Then told me all that was wrong with me was old age. I was 50 at the time!  Thsnkfully my primary was appalled and sent me to my current neuro who diagnosed me quickly with ms.
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Oh my, beema, that is so degrading! He actually had you hold your breasts?! What a sick, sick person and a total jerk. Unfortunately, he is probably still practicing. :( I am glad your pcp is on your side and got you a referral to someone else.

Hugs, Minnie
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My jeans are a too tight lady coming to sit by the fire.....

So happy to see this thread Minnie!!! Happy you brought it up again.  Doctors can cause more stress then good sometimes.

Shocked by what a couple of these Neuros have done!! Sick people, seriously!

After having paralysis from my left hip done to my feet the Neuro looked me over and went on to explain to me that "the jeans or pants I wear may be to tight and causing restrictions !!! And if that wasn't enough , I'm sitting there with a good pair of sneakers on and she says "I think u may need to wear better shoes, get yourself a good pair of sneakers" WHAT???

  Well while sitting by this fire I might as well share another "scary" story.... Went into my PCP's office when I first experienced TN, this was about 2 years ago after already being told I could have MS,  she examines my face and feels around, says "this very well could be a result of TN, why don't you have your Massage friends massage it for you" no nerve pain meds, no MRI, have someone massage my face when I couldn't even have air hit it !!! Then she walks out the door !!!

Okay just one more.......
One Neuro I saw about 5 years ago was doing a exam and stops.... Goes onto say " this is one test that will tell all..... Why don't you get up, jump up and down, this tells me that everything is okay" I REFUSED !!!

Thanks god for the Neurologist I'm currently seeing and keeping faith in the medical practice!!

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Yaaayyyy! Go, Minnie!  Forgive me - I totally forgot about the Weenie Roasts!  I'll grab my coat, and the hanger that was holding it!

I only have one story - an MS specialist at UCSF that said "not MS, just arthritis".  I was ready to grab the can of BS repellant right there.  I went back to the general neuro who diagnosed me (bless the man), and he said, "well, yeah, you've got cervical arthritis, but you've got MS, too.  And I don't care how f&*@in' small and invisible those spinal lesions are, you've got spinal lesions, as well as the brain lesions we can see!"   Ahhh, a man who speaks the truth, and his mind...he'll be 80 years old this summer, and has no urges to retire.

But I'm attending for all you folks who have been mistreated and handed heaping plates of BS!  Stoke the fire, Minnie, this is going to be a big roast!
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Hi Valerie, inspiration of The Tight Pants Theory (yes, apparently a Hollywood producer saw the idea and loved it. They'll make tv shows about anything! ;-) ) Jump up and down?! Ummmkaaayyy...

I'm sure glad you are here too, GG and your neurologist sounds absolutely fantastic!  I was diagnosed with cervical spondylosis and all kinds of other funky stuff in my cervical spine 7 years ago. Of cours , it took forever for me to get a referral to a specialist because my pcp attributed it to stress.

Everyone is welcome and the fire is hot. Come join in!
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It was humiliating!  I cried all the way home. My drs nurse called me later to see how it went and when I told her my dr called me later and was furious! Between my primary and neuro and other things that man had pulled on women he is no longer practicing.  I am so thankful I had a caring and alert dr to take care of me after that experience.
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I would have cried all the way home too. Thank goodness your pcp supported you and that he is no longer practicing. He should have had to pay restitution and at the very least spend time in jail. How horrible that he traumatized you and others so!

Gentle hugs, Minnie
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I am so sorry that happened to you!  Makes me so upset that a doctor would do that to a woman! :(. Justice was served to that jerk !
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Lemme get this straight, Laurie.  The guy had to turn out the lights to determine you weren't male?

Recently went to see neuro-ophthalmologist.  Instead, I saw an assistant who insisted that I only needed new glasses.  When I say "insisted," I mean he wouldn't budge.  Arrogant little ....  whatever.  He figured, since my symptoms faded after the last time I got new glasses, it would work again.  I guess he didn't think the gabapentin I've been on for 3+ years had anything to do with it!  Burn, buddy!  Wooo!

Oh, what part of relapsing-remitting requires further explanation... Doctor?

I'm not paying the bill, and they'll get a nice letter explaining why.
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Ha ha!! you are quite the comedian!!  :D  He turned off the lights so that he could pretend I was a Male!!!   ;p

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Ok!!!! I have a doctor to roast! How could I forget about my recent (1 month ago) to my Neuro-Opt.

I was sent to him as an "emergency" by my MS specialist...who, upon examining my eyes, noticed my left eye wasn't moving correctly. (My right eye already was dx has having 6th nerve palsy)

He got me in the next morning to see the Neuro-Opt, but by then my eye was fine. He said come back in a month for a recheck....which brings me to the appointment one month ago.

He examines my left eye briefly and then my right eye...he says to me....
"Are you sure Doctor MS specialist thinks you have MS? Uh, I guess he must if he has you on Copaxone."  
Then he says my right eye problem isn't due to MS and I am fine. I had to remind him I didn't come to him because of my right eye....It was because my MS doc sent me because of what he saw in my LEFT eye!!! HELLO! He kind of gave me a condescending look and took out his little recorder....saying my eye problem is not (then he looked at me) due to demyelination. Whatever!!

Maybe if he got a 'little roasted' it would burn off that ego he has!!

When I had an eye problem this week I went to my regular Opt. who examined me and said I needed to see my Neuro-opt. to address my  worsening double vision problems...and probable (now) mild optic neuritis. Yea right! Grrrr!

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We haven't had a good old-fashioned Friday night neuro roast in ages - it made me smile to see someone had sharpened up their roasting sticks and lit a few embers.
It used to be a regular gathering to do here.....
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The first neuro I ever saw for this could only think about my weight.  I saw him three times, and he kept dwelling on my weight.  On my final visit with him, inspite of multiple lesions (including dawson's fingers) he actually said this to:  "What you need to do is get off you a** and move!  Seriously, put a gun to your head if you have to!"

I was too stunned to even react.  My husband wanted to hurt him!
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What a... Weenie!

I seriously wonder why these neuros are like this? Do they honestly think there are THAT many people who are making things up or that being overweight, underweight, stressed causes these things? ESPECIALLY if there ARE lesions, as was your case?

Are they just burned out? Does being a neurologist attract people with a haughty personality?

I realize we'll never know. Yet I, and I believe a lot of us, wonder. Is it because they don't know their profession very well so they are jerks to hide behind that fact?

Thank you very much for sharing. All of you, and keep your experiences coming and have a great week.

Hugs, Minnie

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I'll be back to roast a lot of doctors when I get more time in the day....   ;-)
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Oh Minnie!! I just went through five long days of that same attitude towards me. Except at the time I could not walk well. I was told I could walk and could take myself to the bathroom. The nurse actually even refused to help me after my son asked her too. He didn't believe me when I told him what they said to me. I had held it for so long that morning, that he had to put me on the bed pan. I was so embarrassed. More actually happened to me while I was there under their care. All because my MRI didn't show anything wrong with me. They made me feel ashamed of myself. Today I am throwing that thought out the window because of this forum. I am not the only one who has been treated poorly. Today I will quit dwelling on it. Much love to all of you! Jamie
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Can I add my neuro to the list? He gave me a dx of transverse myelitis last year and sent me on my way. Told me I'd get better in time, but to come back if I experienced anything new. 10 months later I do have new symptoms -- my left hand went numb and my hands/arms are in excruciating pain, every day, no matter my activity.
He declares that this isn't related to my other neuro issues and suggests its probably AR, even though the only commonality of my symptoms with AR is pain. And it's not even in my joints. It's that deep ache we all know and love.
Anyway, bloodwork comes back inconclusive so he again sends me on my way, telling me to come back in three months to have my blood tested again. Oh and he took me off my antidepressant and put me on Cymbalta for the pain.
Three weeks in to the Cymbalta, I'm having awful side effects and am nearly suicidal. I called his office on three different occasions crying hysterically, begging for help. One of these times my call wasn't even returned until the next day, when his nurse told me to just stop taking the Cymbalta, as in cold turkey. I ended up weaning myself off the Cymbalta and putting myself back on my antidepressant, of which I still had some leftover.
Frustrated by their lack of response by phone, my hubby just walked in to their office one morning and asked when I could be seen. They told him I needed to go back to my GP and if she warranted my sx were neurological in nature to have her submit a referral.
Yep. Waiting to get in to a different neuro now!
Thank you for providing this spot to vent! Sorry it was lengthy! This was all just last month, so it's a bit of a fresh wound!
I'm going to move back from the fire a bit, 'cause my arms are starting to get prickly, LOL!
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