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Weird symptoms????

I have recently had a barrage of weird symptoms.  I have had numbness in my left hand, weakness in my left leg, vision changes in my left eye, and confusion/memory problems.  This all happened within a matter of 2 days.  One day I stood up and I fell because my left leg gave out.  After that, my leg wasn't working properly, it would lift completely and I was tripping a lot.  At the same time, my hand went numb.  A few days later, I was at work and talking with my boss and I completely went blank.  I could not remember where I was, who my boss was and who we were talking about.  Later that day, my left eye became really blurry.  I am not sure what is going on.  Can someone help me.
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Hi Elmo,

Welcome to the MS forum.

I cannot tell you what is going on, as there are many disorder and diseases that can cause problems that you describe.

When you say recent, when did this fall happen? Are you able to get to a Dr?

Your body is telling you something, and it's going to be important you see someone so you don't get hurt.

While you wait for others to come along and say hello, please check out our health pages.  They are jammed packed with information about MS.

Thanks for coming our way,
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Hi, Elmo!  As Shell has said, there are many problems that can cause the symptoms you describe.  You sound like you're having some sort of neurological symptoms, and they do sound very familiar!  

My recommendation is to see your PCP right away.  They can refer you to a neurologist, who can help you identify the causes of your symptoms.
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Hi Elmo!
When I started reading your comments I thought I wrotie it myself. Its like my body is divided in two. The left side is weak and often tingly The muscles spasm and tighten up uncontrollably. My leg will give out sometimes when I am just standing there. Sometimes its in the chest. All tests have been clear so far. MRI, CT scan etc. These episodes only last a few days but I feel tired all the time. My doctor perscribed amantadine to help with the fatigue and it does help. I try to exercise regularly but cant overdo it. You are the first person I have found with such similar symptoms. They tell me its neurological but MS tests have all been  inconclusive. I am going to a new neurologist soon so hopefully will get a new opinion. Will keep you posted!  
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I think a doctor visit is in order.  You could be having mini strokes.  Not knowing where you are or who you are talking to is not an MS symptom.
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That many left sided symptoms all at one time doesn't sound like MS, but would make me think something in the right brain.  I'd head to the Emergency Room so they can make sure it is not a TIA or Stroke.  This is not something I'd mess with.

You are have a lot of simultaneous symptoms and TIA, CVA, etc should all be ruled out quickly.

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