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What a relief!!!

Hi!  I posted the other day about whether or not I should see an MS specialist.  I recently just went to the Cleveland Clinic for an eval at their Headache Clinic.  Well, last night I got on their website and was reading about the Mellen Center there.  It is their MS center.  It says that it is the largest center of its kind in the world for MS treatment and research.  It said that you do not need a referral.  Well, I thought that I might as well call and get an appointment.  I thought for sure that it would take months to get in.  Today is Friday.  They asked if I could come on Monday!!!  I can't believe it - getting an appointment at a major center like that in one day-  my friend and I prayed about it last night and that is definitely a God thing!  There is no question about it!  There will be no stress about waiting around for the appointment.  The only thing is that there is no time to have the records sent there.  I do however have the discs of my MRIs.  They said that would be helpful.  But I am sure that they will run all of their own tests though.  I will be totally okay with that.  I know that this may sound strange or stupid, but I actually am kind of excited - not excited that I might have MS, but that I may finally have some answers to my horrible symptoms.  If any of you are praying people (which I know many of you are) please pray on Monday.  My assessment is Monday at 9:10am.  Then I see the doc at 9:30.  They said the eval will take about an hour.  I will definitely post when I come home on Monday!  Thanks  -  Kayleen
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that's a quick appt... I hope it goes well, write down your timeline and try to relax and not worry too much.   I know I didn't get answers on my first visit but I didn't go to that clinic...

let us know how it goes on Monday..
have a good weekend
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Hi Kayleen,
Once again you prove the point that we have to be proactive - just waiting around for others gets us nowhere fast!

That is great news that CC can see you so soon.  Make your timeline so you have an idea of dates (see our health page on timelines for help with this) and take your films.

Most of all relax - you can't fake a neurological exam - just follow the doctor's lead and hopefully you will be on the road for some answers.

As for the excitement, we all understand the feeling.  We know too well how the medical system works (and doesn't work!) and what it takes to get to the neuro's door.  I'm glad its all falling into place for you.

be well,
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  That is fantastic to get in so quick! Take the weekend to make a list of symptoms as well as questions that you would like to ask. The timeline is important but if you don't already have one put together it might be hard to get a good one put together on such short notice. Just do the best that you can and be sure to let the doctor know that it is a draft.

  Good luck and keep us posted on how it goes.

Erin :)
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CONGRATULATIONS !!   That is wnderful......
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Thanks for all the encouragement guys!  I know that from reading a lot of your posts that it can take a long time to a dx of your sx.  I am just really encouraged that I am on the right path.  I will definitely get started on the timeline. Like you said it isn't much time, but the really bad stuff has just happened in the past 2.5 years and it is REALLY fresh in my mind!  I will keep you all posted  -  Kayleen
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I pray God reveals to you what is wrong.  I know this visit is an answered prayer and I'm thankful to God.
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I, too, am praying that God will help the docs at the Cleveland Clinic help me to figure out if it is MS or whatever it is.  It is definitely an anwered prayer.  I am praying for sustained health that I will be feeling decent enough to make the trip - it takes about 2 hours or so to get there.  I am praying that we will not have any car trouble.  I am praying that my records arrived today and that the doc will read what he needs to see what is going on with me.  The list of prayers goes on, but the list of praises is long as well:)  Last night, my bff (she lives in KY and I live in PA) we just prayed and told God that I needed some answers and that we believed that God had led me to the Cleveland Clinic.  We prayed that he would work out all the details and He definitely did.  The fact that I got an appt. for the very next day at a world renowned center is just a God thing.  And the fact that they got it on Monday and I already have to go over there for another appointment is just another way that I believe God is showing favor to me.  It is just a gently reminder that He is definitely in the small stuff, all the little details!  I am so keyed up about this appt though.  I have been suffering from horrible insomnia as it is, so I am not sure how much sleep I am going to be getting this weekend.  Some of the ladies answered my post and recommended that I do a timeline.  I sat down and documented the last 10 years.  After thinking about it, I can definitely see some patterns.  I have just had some new symptoms this week.  I have had 2 episodes of incontinence that haven't been stress related.  I was shopping and was looking at clothes and could hardly hold up my right arm.  Today, the left part of my upper and lower lip went numb and is still numb.  Go figure.  Well, have a good weekend.  I will definitely post when I return home on Monday.  I probably won't return home until around 5 or so.  Blessings to all - Kayleen
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