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What I did to celebrate 5 years of living with MS

G'day gang,
I recently celebrated 5 years of living with MS by taking my 10 year old and 19 of his classmates on a four day excursion to the gold fields. We had a ball and the pace was fast and furious. There's no way that I could have kept up or even attempted the trip back in the early days of MS.

I'm feeling incredibly blessed at my recovery and credit God and by following Professor George Jelinek's program. Just out of interest the great man (Prof J) is coming to USA this fall to LA, New York, and Boston.

Unfortunately, I can't publish details on this site, so if anyone is interested you'll have to PM me or go to your search engine.

I'm sorry if you're reading this a feeling really unwell and overcome by MS but thought I'd pop by and share some good news.

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Hi, Alex. So good to hear from you and to know you're doing fabulously well!

Although you and I may not agree on treatment, we certainly do agree on the need to wipe out the scourge of MS. That you have given short shrift is great news. May you continue to live a happy and healthy life!

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Congratulations! That sounds like a wonderful adventure - a beautiful way to celebrate.
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Thank so much ladies.
Ess I'm really grateful for your lovely comment and we absolutely agreed that MS is an insidious, debilitating disease that we need to fight tooth and nail to overcome.

I wish everyone the very best to find your own way. As I meditated yesterday while lying in the sun I reflected on how hard it was to discard initially my need for sympathy and turn my fear about the future into positive actions.

The good people at Medhelp have now allowed my original post through that contains the link to details about Prof Jelinek's sessions in October and November.

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Well helloooooooooo Tingle-T, Alex - Is it really you?

Congratulations on your 5 year mark - so happy you've hit YOUR mark. And, it truly is such a personal one, isn't it. Had you not continued to seek a better way of living with the beast, you'd likely had not found something to work for you.

It's a constant challenge, but one I too dare on my best days.  I'm not on so much any more, but so glad to see this today.  Continue to be well and carry and know that you are thought of often!

(((hugs))) - Shell
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OMG Alex,

20 10yr olds on a field trip is bad enough but 4 days......are you stark raving bonkers, lol didn't you know we Ausie parents always brake out the bubbly and celebrate the poor sod who didn't get out of volunteering for camps lol and you volunteered....it was exhausting before, now no way no how!!!

Hats off to you :D go you..........JJ

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