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What about Hyperbaric Therapy?

Until recently, I had both traditional medicare, and a full secondary in a full secondary insurance that was provided through my husband's employer.  Then, my husband and I found out how much his employer (a small business) was paying to have me on the plan...  We were paying a portion of it, but his employer was paying close to $1200 per month- just for me.  Our consciences just couldn't let it go on anymore, so we decided that I would get onto a MedAdvantage plan instead.

We got me the best one we could find, and I pay for it with my SSDI every month.  But it still doesn't cover enough, and of course- Medicare's part D has a huge "donut hole".  Add to that the fact that my copay for these meds would be about 33%- due to the formulary?? (I don't really understand why- or what that is) but it would end up costing me a lot of money every month.   Tysabri is a part B expense, but I'm pretty sure I can't afford to pay for 20% of it every month either. So...

I am thinking about hyperbaric therapy.  I know that the evidence supporting it's use is sketchy at best, but I also know that I can't do anything else.  ( I don't know how much it costs though... )

Do any of you know anything about this?  I need to have more knowledge, before I talk to my neurologist about this.  

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Sorry.....not sure what you're saying re: your insurance.  Are you saying you won't be able to cover a DMD as your insurance is insufficient, and you are considering hyperbaric oxygen therapy in it's place?  Sorry ......I'm a little slow some days. :-)

In any event, re: hyperbaric oxygen therapy, I know of no reliable studies that prove its efficacy in MS.  Some anecdotal 'evidence' which is not really evidence at all.  I guess 'testimony' would be the more appropriate term.  As for cost, I don't have any idea.  

We discussed this in 2011 and I just noticed someone added some comments in 2012.  Have a look, you might find something useful in that thread and the links:


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Thanks.  I will look at the info in that thread.  And yes, the reason I am looking into the efficacy and cost of hyperbaric therapy is because I can no longer afford dmd's  I probably can't afford hyperbaric therapy either- but I thought it was worth looking into at least.

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Sorry about the missed punctuation.
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Oh Tammy,

I'm so sorry to hear about this. Your situation, is what's being echoed by many small business employers. I'm wish it were different.

Have you inquired, or looked into the pharm co financial assistance program? Maybe it could be affordabe with help.

I really have no solid info on hyperbaric oxygen therapy and MS.

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I didn't think of that.  I'm not sure I would qualify though.  I'm in the same position as much of the world:  Our household income is too high to qualify for help, but too low to actually be able to afford much.  It'll be okay though.  What I thought was a relapse last month turned out to be an infection.  I haven't had a true relapse since July.  I'm hoping for the best.

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Give them a call anyway lady - you never know. Their financial equations/calculations may be different than those typically seen in state and fed brackets.
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Yes, DO try to get coverage from Tysabri.  I managed by talking to them that I only pay $10 for each infusion.  And when I found out how much it costs to get the extra infusion, I'm trying for help with that too.  Otherwise I can't do them.  And I think Tysabri wants as many people on as possible - so they can track efficacy, side effects etc.  So it is in their best interest to keep you on.  
Good luck!
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