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What are your thoughts on vitamin D3 "treatment" of "doctor" Coimbra's

I am undergoing the infamous D3 "treatment"(taking > 10k IU a day) as well as taking the TECFIDERA. My doctor says I can take both but I have to be very careful regarding the high dosage as D3 gets toxic towards kidneys in high dosages due to calcium.

I have fought a war with my parents over this and finally giving up after terrible mental consiquences, as I strictly subscribe to the scientific philosophy when it comes to things, anything really. My rationale told me, this "treatment" is a huge scam as
1. the "doctor" Coimbra should publish a paper about this and get his *** peer reviewed, which I think he has not done,
2. I googled the doc on scholar and could barely find any papers with his authorship, let alone first authorship,
3. He should get a blody Nobel Prize for this if he is right, which he would have already been nominated for up to this point.
4. etc.

Furthermore, I had a "D3 method doctor" supervising me, but I visited him for an inspection and he used one of the the VEGA diagnosers, so I was totally done with the guy, which made me even more suspicious. Moreover, I do not trust the patients that claim to have been cured by the method, as one should never trust a patient regarding their health.

This method has so far benn nothing more than an alternaitve medicine SCAM in my eyes, something like homeopathy. It makes little to no sense and the only thing supporting it is the fact that D3 DOES indeed help the MS patients in normal dosages, while there is asbolutely ZERO proper rigorous research on the topic of more than that! I'm guessing because it would make absoultey no sense that more is better in this case, as D3 can help as much as it can but adding more to your body wont make it do more!

As you can see I am quite enraged about this, even after a year of doing this nonsense, because obviously I fancy keeping my kidneys as well as not to suffer from osteporosis in my days to come, due to lack of calcium in my body, as I have to intake ZERO calcium to prevent kidney failure.

Thoughts? Comments? I want my arguments to be destroyed by someone, god I wish I was stupid regarding this matter and I still hope I am totally missing something which would make this method realiable, but my gut tells me life is kicking me in the balls again.
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Hi and welcome,

Unfortunately there are far too many scam product 'MS cure stories' going around, what they all have in common is that they always fail to provide any type of independent medical or scientific proof, publish research etc etc to corroborate what ever it is they claim will cure MS, they always have lots of anecdotal patient stories of being cured by said product and generally claim to have 90 to 100% cure rates......I think any product or person who claims they have the 'cure' for MS is selling snake oil and false hope!

One of the main issues with picking up it's a scam is that the better ones typically twist some scientific truth with their cure product until they've created a more believable line, and since Vitamin D is a hot topic not just for MS, it's not really surprising that Vit D has become one of the cures going around for just about anything and everything.



There are some really interesting research projects happening with vitamin D, and it looks like there is somethings potential positive about Vit D but until the Dr Coimbra protocol for various autoimmune conditions is backed by appropriate condition specific double blind peer review medical research and corroborates even a fraction of the 95% cure rate, it would be in everyone's best interest to be questioning it's validity and follow your MS neurologist DMD recommendations.

Hope that helps......JJ
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Thank you for some info and reply.

Sorry for getting a bit political on the issue, but do you think it would serve the society well if the government were to issue a certain set of laws or rather criteria for any publicity regarding anything medical related to be peer reviewed and backed by actual rigorous scientific research that would prevent any serious scams arise. I, myself, am very much against any kind of political correctness regarding philosophical issues, cultural biases, general political opinions, etc., however I think that there is no tolerence to be had regarding missinformation when it comes to people's lives. To clarify, I think nobody should be allowed to publish actual articles/god damn books that totally missinform people to death. I have seen countless magazines, websites, articles and even some books that promote outrageous ideas and therefore kindle countless arguments amongst people that are otherwise close together, make people's conditions generally worse, etc. That said, I have nothing against people's opinions and I still promote general free speech, so I never said people should be politically correct on social media/forums or shouldn't speek their opinions openly on let's say YouTube.

This is just something that I've been pondering on for months and wanted to disscuss with someone. I am well aware of my own lack of knowledge on the matter therefore I am totally agnostic, so please take the last paragraph with a grain of salt :).

Good day.
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:D Free speech is a wonderful thing if you're lucky enough to have it, although a lot of times free speech is more of an illusion, take forums for example, to join you are typically required to agree to some level of conduct and censorship.

Medhelp is a pretty safe platform, community members have to conduct themselves with a high level of respect, anyone who is abusive, bully's and or promoting products and scams are picked up pretty quickly, most once reported are kicked off and offending posts are deleted.

Part of my responsibility as a Community Leader is to deal with abusive posts and all the scams that hit the MS community, so i've seen a lot over the years.  Some have been pretty cleverly disguised and it can take a few posts before it becomes crystal clear that the poster has a self serving agenda in discussing x y or z product or scam cure...

I often think scams posts still serve a purpose to the community, they provide a learning experience of what a scam looks like, as well as providing the opportunity to set the record straight by debunking scare tactics, myths and false claims......unfortunately a lot of the people who repeat mythical cure stories are themselves caught up believing in the scam, the scammers though are nothing more than con artists making money off other peoples desperation to be cured!

I don't know about other countries but over here in oz we have consumer protection and fraud laws and anyone publicising cure products, books, articles etc and making money is going to get caught...'some scams may also be criminal offences. Someone who commits fraud has acted dishonestly or by omission to deliberately deceive someone. Fraud is regulated under various acts, including state and territory criminal legislation and under Australia’s common law. There can be overlap between misleading and deceptive conduct under the consumer protection laws, fraud and other criminal laws'......and we also have the ACCC (Australian competition and consumer commission) Scamwatch :D

"Miracle cures
Miracle cure scams usually promise quick and easy remedies for serious medical conditions. They exploit the emotional vulnerability of people who are suffering from serious health problems.

These scams cover a range of products and services which can appear to be legitimate alternative medicine. They can take the form of health treatments for medical conditions such as cancer, AIDS, arthritis or the common cold.  Some products even claim to be a ‘cure-all’ for diseases or specific symptoms.

Miracle cure scams are usually promoted by people with no medical qualifications who will tell you all sorts of stories to explain why their products are not supported by conventional doctors. For example, they might talk about secret ancient techniques that challenge modern practices or medical industry conspiracies that aim to silence them.

These phony products can have dangerous interactions with medicines you’re already taking. They might even cause you to delay or stop medical treatment for your condition, even when proven treatments are available from your physician."

to be continued......
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I've been trying to find the research and or any published reputable evidence regarding this vit D protocal that Dr Coimbra has come up with as a cure for MS, as well as a few other autoimmune conditions, which by the way is generally what medical scams have in common ie one cure for numerous conditions, but so far have not been able to find anything specifically on Dr Coimbra's protocol.

What i did find was a study done investigating MS vit D related research (see link below), both positive and negative and like i said there does seem to be something to it but what vit D level is needed is far from clear.....high doses of Vit D just can't be declared as the cure for MS by anyone, even with supportive research evidence, nothing has (as yet) corroborated Vit D is the cure for MS.  


I actually would really like this theory to be one of the good ideas that finally comes through but i'm highly sceptical of anything not backed by science!

I don't know if this comment is true or not but Doctor Coimbra supposedly when asked why his protocol isn't being researched responded with saying something to the effect that 'he doesn't want to conduct trials on people, as this would imply that half of participants would not benefits from the positive effects brought by Vitamin D, which to him is unethical' and IF true really makes me question validity, because that is the type of justifications that typical cure scammers and dr created protocol's like Zamboni and his liberation protocol (CCSVI or CCVI) use to explain away their 'cure' not having any corroborating scientific evidence...

I'm trying to remain open minded about Vit D, though i honestly don't have good vibes about Dr Coimbra's protocol, from my perspective it just seems to have one too many plays from the cure scammers play book to be genuine, so my advice is to be very wary of anyone or any treatment that's being sold as the MS cure!

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