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What could be the cause of low testosterone at my age?

I'm 19 years old and I took a couple of testosterone blood tests recently and they were both in the 300's for ng/dl. My more recent test was done at 8:15 AM and it was 358 ng/dl. I know this isnt considered "low" but keep in mind im 19 and I feel like my testosterone should be at its highest. I have syptoms of fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, little chest hair, non deep voice, difficult time building muscle getting stronger. My mother has hypothyroidism so I checked my thyroid levels and they are normal. My question is, what could be the cause of low testosterone at my age? Is it naturally low or what would be some underlying issues causing this? Keep in mind I eat healthy, dont drink, and dont smoke. Would appreciate some answers greatly. Thank you.
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I want to be pointed in what step I should take next that is not costly, I do not have any health insurance right now. Anyone know what can be underlying causes or could it just be naturally like that.
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You say it's low but you know it does not measure as other than normal.  I think you need to look elsewhere for your symptoms and I'd suspect it's related to your fatigue, brain fog & anxiety.  Anxiety can be Enormously draining.  Not many people know how to eat healthy so I congratulate you if you're managing this.

Do you get good quality sleep each night?  I think that's enormously important.

Do you second hand smoke?  (live or work with one or more smokers who smoke indoors)  I think that's pretty much as toxic as being a smoker.
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Hi and welcome,

I'm not at all sure why your question landed in the MS community but it did.....as for your testosterone being low or caused by an underlying issue, its very unlikely imho, testosterone has a normal range, for your age the normal range is 240-950, technically your testosterone is not low because your actually test results are not abnormal...

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