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What could this be ???

In 2009 I lost strength in my grip in my right hand. I went to drs and they thought it was neck related. I completed ct scan of cervical and MRI of cervical. They found damage to brachial plexus and other disc bulges. So they concurred that the underlying cause was that.

Through some really anxious times I developed very bad pain behind ears and googled and found out about tumors. I had an MRI on the brain and the report said there was an abnormal signal in the T2 and FLAIR section both neurologist and radiologist reports were as follows. The neurologist claimed that it was a UBO and the radiologist said it was of no clinical significance.

Fast forward to the 2011 I started having some floaters and I started to worry. So I manage to have another brain MRI without contrast. The report was that brain was normal. So the ubo had disappeared

2012 I had pins and needles in feet I did a NCS and they found Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome. Again I wasn't satisfied so I did another Brain MRI in June 2012. This time it was with contrast on a 1.5 tesla machine. Again the radiologist referred to the previous scan with the UBO and I quote
"There was no abnormality seen in the white matter" no sign of demyelination
Conclusion Normal Brain.

We are now in October and I had random burning like pins and needles in shins, knees, quads, forearms, arms, hands, eye lids.

After all that testing is It possible that something like MS has been missed after 3 Brain 2 cervical MRI  and 1 C spine MRI.

My doctor was laughing at me because I said is it possible for MS.

What do you think about everything I have just said???

Ps please help me
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I'm not seeing MS here.  MS seldom hits both sides like you are describing.  
It traditionally goes to one side to start with.  

Floaters are not indicative of MS.  Talk to your eye doctor who will probably tell you to use eye wash, everyone has them sooner or later, some worse than others.

Sounds like you have a good neuro!  You can google any pain or symptom and 90% of the time, MS will be in the suggestions column.

I do hope you find out what is wrong but wouldn't want to wish MS on you.
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I would lean more towards your bulging discs causing the pins & needles.  And I don't think floaters are related to MS.  I'd have to go along with and agree with what the neuro is saying.  Which, I guess, would be a good thing for you if you didn't have MS.

Good luck,

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